30 messages from Oxum to celebrate the Orixá of fresh waters

Oxum is the Orixá of Sweet Waters, owner of the rivers and waterfalls. It is also considered the goddess of love and abundance, so it is constantly sought for blessings to relationships and prosperity. The children of this Orixá are bearers of beauty, sweetness, honesty and always act with great focus. Check out Oxum quotes below to exalt it.

Oxum quotes to exalt her and bring love and prosperity to her life

Half of me is a trick, the other half is loyalty.

I am the daughter of gold, beautiful of Oxum, considered as resolved, the strong. It is actually a girl who loves love, the wind and the sea.

May Oxum waters take their sadness.

What Mama Oxum cover us with her love.

Not everything that glits is gold. But all that is gold is from Oxum.

I heard a corner coming from the waterfall, it was Mom Oxum calling me to be mermaid.

son of Oxum may even be calm, but who said that waterfall has no trunk?

I walk on a gold path. Oxum is the brightness of my life.

As the bee works in darkness, Oxum works in silence and secret. It has honey, but knows how to use the sting.

May the oxum mirror reflect everything you want me.

Oxum poured your tears into the waterfall, bathe in it to heal me.

I saw Mama Oxum in the waterfall, sitting by the river.

What Oxum builds, no one destroys. What Oxum opens, no one closes. What Oxum gets up, no one knocks down.

It is Oxum gold that the armor that closes my body.

sings, Oxum. Relieves my heart, take me out of loneliness and brings me peace.

Oxum dance, dance. And takes my pain with your dance.

Owner of rivers and waterfalls, bless my life very abundantly.

My mother, that the brightness of your gold blind my enemies.

Today, daughter of Oxum cries. Tomorrow, she gets up and shines.

Oxum: Sweet Charm of nature, inspires richness, vanity and love.

Oxum with its shine illuminates my paths.

I am the daughter of Oxum, deserving beauty, sweetness, love and all light.

Oxum, protect us with their sacred waters, in a balm of love with protection and touches.

Oxum: Goddess of freshwater, life and happiness.

Mother Nature, Purity, more than Princess. Oxum is royalty.

Dating with an Oxum daughter is asking to be happy. They are too lazy to go around the corner, imagine going out to betray you.

Like the waters of a river that run, they are the daughters of Oxum. Impossible to control.

Oxum, inspire my day with the meekness and tranquility of calm waters.

ora Yê Yê ô! (Look at us, mom!)

Oxum’s gold renews me and its waters bathe my being. I am like the lily at the birth of the day.

There are many Oxum attributes, both for their children and daughters, and for those who revered it. Continue nurturing this aspect of abundance in your life with prosperity quotes.

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