30 messages from Iansã that celebrate this powerful Orixá

wife of Shango, Iansã is an orisha who crossed many worlds and aroused the passion of several gods. She was thirsty for knowledge and learned different teachings from other deities. In Umbanda, she protects the faithful from all kinds of attacks and, in Catholicism, is known as Santa Barbara. Learn more about this deity from these quotes from Iansã!

Iansã citations full of protection for those who are faithful

In front of storm, Iansã will war, fight all evil by order of Oxalá.

light ray in the sky is a wind that comes there. The whole night comes and goes, whirling the dance. With the sword erected the moonlight the warrior comes, is Iansan sweeping the evils.

Come, Santa Barbara, come! In the Umbanda line, come win demand, come!

I was born of the lightning, I was raised by the winds, I am blessed by the storm. I am the son of Iansã!

Iansã, my benefactor, it is to you that I will worship until the end of my life.

If you think the daughters of Iansã are crazy, awaited and do what it gives on the tile, you are wrong. A daughter of Iansã never acts on impulse, her acts always have a foundation and an intention.

I ask Iansã, send a good wind, bring the good weather, bless the sound.

I protected myself at Iansã Bambuzal. Against the demands, which played in me.

She is fair, wind, wind, she’s fair!

When Iansã goes to battle all the knights stop just to see her pass!

I am the daughter of Iansã, I am the strength of nature and there is no man or storm to knock me down.

Help me to go through my ways, face my storms, Iansã!

With Iansã, I learned that my internal winds are my greatest strength.

May love, strength, and Iansan are always ahead, guiding my life.

It was Iansã who brought me here, guiding me and protecting me from everything and everyone!

The strength that dwells in me comes from Iansã, it is she who makes me the strong and fearless woman I am.

Iansã, protects me from all evils, guides my steps towards victory and keep me from enemies.

I am the daughter of Iansã: no thunder who scares me or battle that I can’t face.

When the drums play, I dance happy, because I know that Iansã is the light that guides me.

Everything I owe to Iansã: my guide, my strength, and my point of refuge. Without her, I would be nothing.

That is reborn love and strengthens faith, because it is Iansã is blowing around the world a gale of axé.

With Iansã, I learned that retreating only if it is to get impulse.

sons of Iansã are winds, change over time. Sometimes in torment, sometimes in breezes blowing serene and, in the storm I fell, every child sings.

When life beats hard and you think you have no way out, ask Iansã to bring a gale and bring all the end points away, bringing commas so you can write new paths.

Don’t move with me! I don’t walk alone, but with Iansã!

The storm that rules me is from Iansã!

Iansã, I put in your hands my actions today. With your sword, cut all the demands.

Iansã, Lady of Dawn, your sword shines to defend us.

If you can’t stand a storm, then don’t mess with a daughter of Iansã!

When the forces are over, Iansã makes it reborn!

Iansã always protects and guides its devotee faithful. Already who is the son of the Queen of the Sea, can not fail to check these quotes from Iemanjá!

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