30 messages from grieving families to comfort broken hearts

Losing a loved one is always a difficult event to deal with. To overcome, it is important to comfort, but also to try to understand that sometimes these things happen for reasons that go beyond our understanding. If your family or an acquaintance is going through this moment, find the sweetest words of comfort in our selection of family quotes in mourning.

Family quotes in mourning that comfort at this difficult time

I’m sorry for the loss of you, family! Stand in the affection they feel for each other, and soon things will be well again.

Though sadness is immense, lifting your head is essential. May you have the strength to overcome this moment. My feelings!

It is impossible to understand how dear people leave anytime soon, but may God be with you, giving all the support and strength they need right now.

Today the sky gained another angel who certainly knew how loved by you. My feelings, family!

mourning! Today our loss is irreparable, but it is very strong that we face this situation. Soon, everything will be fine again!

Family, I can’t imagine how you are feeling, but I wish you have the strength and courage to overcome this loss. My feelings!

That today, each family member leads with the loss of the most serene way as possible. I’m sorry for your pain!

We are in mourning! Staying away from those we love is a task that requires peace and much discernment. Be in prayer for our family!

My feelings! Losing someone dear is always a huge pain. Therefore, keep together, for we will be in prayer for you.

Today, the heart of our family is mourning! Longing is immense, but this loss leaves a legacy of love and companionship. One day we meet!

mourning! Today will be forever marked in our hearts. May the longing be the greatest companion of our family at this time.

My condolences! May the family find, in the union that nourishes for each other, the support they need to overcome such difficult time.

In the farewell, words are missing to thank for all the moments we share. May we all find ourselves in other plans, other lives.

My feelings! You are a united family, and at these times, it makes all the difference. May this loss become longing within your heart.

We are in shock, just like your whole family as well. But we have, with this departure, the certainty of an eternal rest in the presence of God. Be strong!

A loss is always a difficult news to deal with. May this absence be replaced by a genuine feeling of longing. I’m sorry, family!

Pain seems unsurpassed, but over time we will be a united family again. Rest in peace!

Today, our family is in mourning! But we trust our hearts to God to overcome this loss, time will also be our ally.

mourning! It is with great regret that our family announces this irreparable loss. Suffering is immense, but it is the good memories that stay.

It’s so hard to say goodbye to someone who did so much for our family! May God console our hearts in the hope of a reunion in the eternal.

I’m sorry for the loss of you! Sometimes life is really unfair, and it takes away from those we love the most. I’m in prayer for your family!

What a cruel loss, but that the union of the family is sufficient to cross this moment firmly and strongly, as it should be. I’m sorry!

God protects your family at this delicate moment. Feel my hug, receive my prayers and the votes that everything will be fine again.

I’m sorry, family! Given this loss, keep in memory the best moments. Let sadness go to a place where longing is more present.

Family, death is a difficult event to overcome, but keep together and firm in the certainty of a reunion. My feelings!

Today the day dawned sadder. My family and I lost someone very special in our lives. May God comfort our hearts!

With your departure, it is undeniable the immense emptiness that is in our hearts. Today, family prayers are all for you. Find light and rest in peace.

Our family is in mourning! The feeling is as if they have ripped a piece of our hearts.

Our family will be mourning for the time we need, but we will get back soon, as life needs to continue. We all feel a lot!

Being strong is what is left for your family right now. Keep together with the certainty that longing will be intense, but your best company in the face of this situation.

is not a definitive match, but only a “see you soon in the certainty of a reunion. For more empathic messaging options with the pain of the other, check out our consolation quotes to mourning.

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