30 messages from goddaughter to godmother full of love and complicity

To have a godmother is to have a special person who walks by your side. She makes no effort to be by your side and support you as much. Tell her how grateful you are to have her in your life. Therefore, we have selected the best goddaughter quotes for bridesmaids that praise her qualities. Check it out!

godmother’s goddaughter quotes who thank you for your love and support

You are my mother at heart and I just want you to be happy, godmother. I love you!

Receiving your support and your advice make all the difference in my life. Thank you for being the best godmother in the world.

godmother, you are so beautiful. I get inspired by you and want to be as strong as you grow.

godmother, you inspire me to be a strong and determined woman. Thank you for always encouraging me.

Thanks for showing me that this beautiful love between goddaughter and godmother sacred by God resists everything, at time and distance. You are an amazing person!

My beautiful godmother, you are very special to me. I just want to thank you for always being present in my life.

You always protected me from everything in this life and showed me that I can always more. I love you, godmother!

One of my great joys is to have you as a godmother. My parents gave me a present, a second mother who generated me in my heart and I am very grateful for it.

In addition to godmother, you are my friend. I keep your advice in my heart because they are not only very valuable, but they keep the experience, the mother’s gaze, and the affection of those who want me well.

Dinda, you are a friend, sister, mother and everything I need. Thank you for everything!

Dinda, you are so wonderful. I want to be similar to you because you are amazing. I love you!

I only have compliments to my godmother: she is one of the most sensational people I’ve ever been happy to meet.

I am grateful to God and my parents for giving me such a beautiful and special godmother. I love you.

No one holds us when we are together because we are an amazing duo. I love you, godmother!

godmother, I just have to thank you because you are an illuminated person who does me so well.

I know I was blessed because I got a godmother and a second mother at once. I love you, Dinda!

You embraced the mission of being a godmother with tooth and tooth and who benefited me. Thank you for being so special, godmother!

godmother, you are an angel that God gave me to take care of me and protect me. I love you so much!

You taught me that no problem making mistakes as long as I know how to recognize my mistake and start over. Thank you for everything, godmother.

I always pray for you, godmother, as someone in my family, because I want you to look as well as you do to me. I love you!

When my parents decided that you would be my godmother, they trusted you and I can say they were right!

Your gaze welcomes me and says exactly what I need. You know me like no one else, godmother.

At happy times and difficult times, I know you will be here and lend me your lap as the second mother you are. Thank you for everything, godmother!

You inspire me and teach me to be a woman of faith, strong and determined. You are my mirror for the world, godmother.

It’s so good to have a godmother who is also my confidant and great friend. I love you!

godmother, you are my light, my joy and my peace. I know that if you are by my side, nothing bad will happen to me.

We are best friends and good that we get so well. Who would say that that woman who caught me on her lap when she was so small would become the most amazing godmother!

Dinda, what would me be without you? I love you so much and I know I’m blessed by God for having you in my life.

I’m grateful because you are always by my side, willing to help me, pull my ears and support me. Every time I think of giving up, your eyes serve as a divine lighthouse pointing to the direction I should follow. I love you, Dinda!

God is merciful and good all the time, so gave me you as a godmother. I love you so much!

She will be very happy with so much love. How about celebrating the joy of having a united family group? See our Happy Family Quotes and praise this environment so tasty and welcoming!

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