30 messages from Gemini for those with a versatile personality

Owners of stratospheric curiosity, a desire for unimaginable freedom, and ease of pulling frightening conversations, Gemini have a vocation to surprise. In order to break the stereotype two faces that this sign carries, check out our twins quotes and learn to love these beings so changeable and excited!

Gemini Quotes to know the third sign of the Zodiac

Understand once and for all: Forced sympathy is not for me!

If you are Gemini and have never heard that you are talking too much, you are being wrong Gemini!

I am complicated with those who deserve it, but lovely with who I make a point!

I live with sudden wills: I want a lot, I don’t want it so much, I want it now, I don’t want it anymore, I got sick!

I do not allow myself to suffer. I’m Gemini and I’m not just passing through the world!

The Gemini handle very well with the words: speaking, writing, or suggesting ideas. Are fascinated by words and have intimacy with them.

She is from twins … I recommend having a good breath, my friend, because she will steal you your breath many times! Most of them on purpose.

I am Gemini and I change my mind every day, sorry!

Passionate Gemini demonstrates their feelings starting insane conversations about the strangest subjects.

It is Gemini who appreciates dynamism, questioning and open mind!

twins: I suffer from emergency, I don’t like to wait!

Everyone complains about the sign of twins, but everyone needs to admit that the world would be boring without them.

I am 8 or 80, what exists between them, I do not know!

The rule is clear: only one Gemini to handle another …

My Gemini way of being prevents me from being silent for more than 10 minutes.

I can be several, but none of them are yours. I’m just mine, I’m from twins!

Gemini will do everything to be on your side without having to beg for it.

What we learn in life is dealing with our insane ability to always be changing!

Gemini loves a gossip, is that person who always has a new frill to tell you.

People need to understand that I can want something now and soon you can’t stand or talk about.

It is no longer enough for me to suffer a lot, I still need to be Gemini!

Gemini gets annoyed with who is saying what they should, when and how to do it.

If I want everything today, tomorrow I don’t want anything anymore. I’m like this, Gemini!

Expert in rationalizing emotions, a Gemini smiles on the lips before a tear runs through his face.

I hate dramas except mine.

The error of twins is to think that people would do for him the same as he has done for them.

If you want to live with me, follow my pace. Because a second behind is already passed and everything can change!

I could be less complicated, but then it would be me!

I’m bored, I’ve been here for 5 minutes and nothing has changed.

The worst punishment for a Gemini is to need to be silent.

Free and communicative, Gemini live in their own world and according to their rules. Also check out our quotes of Aquarius and learn more about the most humanitarian sign of the Zodiac!

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