30 messages from first-time fathers that express their love for their son

Discovering that it will be a father is wonderful, celebrating the birth of the first child and following the growth of the first child as well. Although there are many fears and fears, all difficulties become just a detail if you compare with the love and affection of creating and taking care of a child. Check out quotes from a first -time father who expresses the joys of having a child or daughter for the first time.

First -time father quotes to commemorate this new phase

To have a child is to relearn to admire themselves for the little beauties of life.

I see a crib and in it I look at the weeping to run and so crying to cherish the son I want to have.

I can’t believe I will be a father. I must have done something very good in this life to deserve this gift.

Me and the person I love most have been blessed by God to create an angel from heaven.

daughter, I didn’t know I would have the ability to love as much as I love you right now. I hope I can have her in my arms as soon as possible.

You are perfect from head to toe. Although small, you have the greatness of winning the world, my beautiful daughter.

Like a smaller little being than my arms can take up so much space within my being. I love you, son.

Son, you were my greatest gift, a blessing that fell on me and that I love infinitely.

I’m afraid to make mistakes and not get you everything you deserve. But son, you make me have energy and strength for it.

son, you haven’t even arrived yet, but you have already turned my world, I can’t wait to have it in my arms.

daughter, you are not even born, but count on me to life. With your fears, loves and challenges, I will be on your side to support it, always.

Son, you arrived and became my most precious good, I wish I could protect you from all the evil in the world.

My little girl is so beautiful to see you grow. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, I love you daughter.

God, give me wisdom to know how to take care of this beautiful child who will be born and force to be the best father she can have.

Today my family got a gift, I found that I will be a father. I’m already telling you the days to meet you, my son.

son, I’m sure you will teach me about life much more than I will try to explain to you.

Today I received the best news of my life: I will be a father.

daughter, the changes will be great, but I’m sure happiness as well. I await your arrival anxiously.

How I was able to make such a magical and wonderful creature as you, my son?

my son, I haven’t even seen you yet, but I’m sure you are the most beautiful being in this world.

Words now escape my mouth, unable to achieve the love I feel for my son to come.

Today I am the luckiest person in the world. I will have my first child in my hands.

My tears are the result of an explosion of affection and happiness that my heart pulsates to know that I will be a father.

The world today woke up different, more beautiful, more colorful, as if he embellished to receive my daughter who comes to the world.

I will be the father of a beautiful princess, who will delight all my life.

Son, I want to share life with you by my side. Teach you the beauty of living.

Today I can’t stop laughing, crying or singing. May the whole world hear: I’m a father!

My eyes fill with tears when thinking that soon, you will come running toward me shouting: Dad!

every night I want to tell you fantastic stories. Singing the beauty of this world and making you sleep surrounded by love and affection, my daughter!

Son, I will give you all my nights of sleep and all my heart so that you grow well and very loved.

Being a father is an adventure and sharing all the love and pride for the children we raise is wonderful. See also these quotes from father to child who will thrill.

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