30 messages from 9 years of marriage that celebrate the ceramic wedding anniversary

It has been almost 1 decade next to the person you chose to share life. This milestone is big and deserves to be celebrated. So don’t let it go blank. Surprise your love thanking this time together. For this, check out the best 9 -year quotes and say you fall in love with it every day!

9 -year -old quotes that celebrate almost 1 decade of a love for eternity

You rejoice me every day, give me strength and teach me that love is able to overcome everything. Thank you for being so perfect. Happy Ceramic Wedding!

Today I just want to celebrate, thank and have fun by your side. It’s 9 years of marriage and a lifetime waiting for us to be lived and explored. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

It’s been 9 years that I wake up happy by your side and thank God for the honor of being married to someone so special. We have been forged in the fire of love and trials, and today we have the grace to celebrate our ceramic wedding. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Happy wedding anniversary, my love. It’s been 9 years that we have built a beautiful story and I know it will have a happy ending.

I still tell you yes and loving you. I keep feeling a cold in my belly when I see you. I am completely in love with you. Happy 9 years of marriage!

Each year, I feel that I love you more and I want you even more. We are so good together and I know that we will have many other joys in our way. Thank you for these 9 years of marriage!

Our marriage needs to be celebrated because it is the construction of our love and such a beautiful partnership. Happy Ceramic Wedding!

It is 9 years loving us as if there is no tomorrow and we will have a whole life to live the intensity of our love. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

For never giving up on us, we got here. It’s so good to love you and be loved by you. Happy 9th birthday of marriage!

May our love multiply and lead us to maturity and happiness. I always want to live new things with you. Happy Ceramic Wedding!

I just want to thank you for being with me in these 9 years and for always being my support in all hours. You are incredible. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

It’s 9 years of love, partnership, understanding and happiness. Almost 1 decade of a love for eternity. Thank you for making me the happiest person in the world!

We have already lived beautiful and special moments, we have already surpassed so many things and all this because we dedicate ourselves to our love. Happy ceramic weddings. I love you!

Today we celebrate 9 years of love, joy and a lot of partnership. Without you, life would not be so happy. Thank you for everything always. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

You are my light, my joy, my peace and my support. I wouldn’t marry anyone but you weren’t. Happy Ceramic Wedding.

It’s so good to dream beside you and winning things that we didn’t even imagine we could. I love you and it’s been a long time. Happy ceramic weddings, my life!

We were intended to meet. It is clear that God wrote our stories and he is the one who blesses us forever. Happy 9 years of marriage, my love!

My dream became real when I said yes to you 9 years ago. It’s so good to do everything we imagine with you by my side. Happy wedding anniversary, my love!

God is the center of our marriage and gives us the opportunity to celebrate another year together. May He bless us to eternity. Happy Ceramic Wedding.

How good it is to know that I’ve lived almost 1 decade alongside my favorite person in life. Happy ceramic weddings, my love. May many years of happiness come to us.

Our destinations were drawn in the maternity ward. Happy Ceramic Wedding!

We have united our destinations for 9 years and it has been so good to live by your side. Happy wedding anniversary. Let us always be partners and lovers.

I can’t imagine getting older without you, I love you and chose you to live. Happy 9 years of marriage!

We both were made a lot for both of us. Happy Ceramic Wedding!

Almost 1 decade living the best of this life because I have you to share every moment with me. Happy Ceramic Wedding!

I want to live much more with you, I want to conquer the world by your side and replicate the happiness we had in the last 9 years. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

You’re something like that, it’s all to me, it’s like I dreamed, baby! Happy Ceramic Wedding!

You are my life partner, the person I chose to share my days, whether good or bad. Thank you for always cheering me and love. Happy Ceramic Wedding!

Everyone has a person, that person who makes you forget everyone else. Happy 9 years of marriage, my love.

The magic of love has always been part of our relationship and this is what keeps us so firm in these 9 years of marriage. Congratulations to us!

celebrate this date with great joy because love deserves to be celebrated. To bring more joys to the couple’s daily life, check out happy wedding quotes inspire!

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