30 messages from 8 years of marriage that celebrate the beautiful clay wedding

A beautiful love story is also marked by the passage of chapters! If you have reached eighth, it’s time to celebrate this milestone and celebrate the arrival of dreamed mud wedding! To exalt the date and celebrate this moment, check out and share quotes of 8 years of marriage. Love deserves celebrations!

8 years of marriage who carry the love of the couple’s history

How happy me is to think that I have been in a healthy and mature relationship for 8 years. How lucky my!

In 8 years, I learned more from you about love and complicity than you could have learned in any other way. I can’t wait for what I will try in the years that will come there!

“The secret of life is not having everything you want, but to love everything you have!” I love and loved every piece of you in these 8 years, love!

In you, I find all the reasons I need to be happy. I love you, my love, happy mud wedding.

In our mud wedding, I find myself thinking how happy I am by your side and because you exist in my life. I just know how to say that I love you!

What makes a love so resistant to the time? It is partnership, empathy and respect for the other. May eight more, sixteen come … How many years of marriage are necessary to be happy together.

Next to you matured and changed my way of seeing the world. In 8 years, you made me reborn!

Completing eight years of marriage, I found that I was happier when I stopped living only for myself. Although discouraged, there are your eyes leading me from my misfortunes to the safe haven of your arms. Happy mud wedding, that we can continue to model our hearts in the molds of true love.

“I never needed someone as much as I need you, I never wished a smile as I wish yours, I never waited as much for a kiss as I hope for yours.” Happy Clay Wedding!

Our marriage is what makes me most proud in the world! Thank you for our 8 years of love and a lot of complicity!

That these are the first 8 years of 80s we have to live together. No time is too much time to be with you.

On this eight -year wedding anniversary, I stop to remember all the achievements we had together. Congratulations to us and the strength we joined, and can go far beyond!

Thank you for each day, every laugh and every cry of happiness and joy of those 8 years. I love you!

“For us, all the love of the world.” Happy 8 years of marriage, I love you!

On this eight years of marriage, I take the moment to say that I love you, but also to wish many other statements on ordinary and unexpected days!

Celebrating clay weddings next to you make me think of the beautiful story we build from the clay that is our love.

Our love motivates me and makes me a better person, you are everything to me. Thanks for our 8 years!

All I want on this special date is to be able to celebrate with you. Celebrate these eight years of love, loyalty and confidence. Congratulations to us, my love!

Loving You is the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life, so it was every simple day of these 8 years.

“Everything I ask for in life is to be blessed, that every year without you bring me another 10 years on your side.” Thanks for our 8 years of 80.

Our love story is the most beautiful book I’ve ever read. Today, celebrating 8 years together, we involve her in Barro wedding.

If it wasn’t for you, I know it wouldn’t be the happy and satisfied man I am today. Happy 8 years together, my love!

Only we know the difficulties we face to get here. Changes, resistances and struggles, but never give up our love. Happy Eight Years of Marriage!

8 years beside you were more than enough for me to find out that you are the love of my life, the person I want to spend all my days.

2922 days by your side, 8 years, 1 reason to be happy: our love.

If it’s about love, it will always be about you. I’m immensely happy to be celebrating our mud wedding!

Faithfulness and loyalty were our motto in these 8 years of marriage. I always thought I knew how to love, until I discovered the true face of love by his side. Together until eternity!

Our affection affected me, made me a better and happier woman! Happy 8 years of marriage for us!

“Love is the poetry of the senses. When it exists, it exists forever and increases more and more.” I am very happy to see our love grow, happy mud wedding!

In 8 years, you have transformed my way of seeing the world. Today I see it as a much better place; After all, you are in it.

How good it is to celebrate love and time lived thanks to it! To recognize who divides this moment with you, also check out quotes of thanks to the husband!

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