30 messages from 7 years of marriage that celebrate a life of love

Each year next to the loved one is magical. Therefore, it deserves to be celebrated. After all, between difficulties and routine battles, love has been greater and made happiness prevail. Surprise who you chose to share life with the best 7 -year -old quotes and send your favorite to your love!

7 years of marriage to commemorate the arrival of wool wedding

You make your life special, full of meaning and I’m very grateful to have you always by my side. Thanks for these 7 years of much love!

My love will not be a passenger, I will love you from January to January, until the world is over. Happy wool wedding!

Love of my life from here to eternity, our destinations were drawn into the maternity ward. Congratulations to us for 7 years of marriage!

Happy wedding anniversary, my love. It is 7 years building our relationship and fighting for our happiness. I love you so much!

Our marriage is getting more mature and stronger. 7 years have passed many joys, many dreams, a lot of love and I just want it to come much more. Eternity by your side looks little!

We are celebrating the wedding of wool and our relationship will continue to unfold like a ball that will never end. I love you!

I just want to realize our dreams, live our plans. I just want to be happy by your side forever. Happy wool wedding!

You make me happy, because it’s clear how much you love me as I am. I make you happy because I respect you as you are. Happy wool wedding, my love! In the plots of life, I will always choose to have ties forming us with you.

I want to share my life forever with you and those 7 years beside you just proved how worth it. We are just starting. Happy wool wedding!

It is God who conducts our marriage, and he is the one who blesses us to always live side by side. Happy wool wedding. I love you more than yesterday!

In the end, it is with you that I want to be forever and it is to God that I thank me for allowing me to live this love for 7 years. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Happiness knocked on my door, and when I opened it, it was all I wanted the most, it was you who was waiting for me. I haven’t known what a meaningless life for 7 years. Thanks for being my best choice!

We are confidants and partners and that is what makes us so strong. Thank you for so many years of love. Happy wool wedding!

I take care of you and our marriage because they are my most precious goods. These 7 years by your side were the best of my life. I love you!

Nothing makes me as happy as celebrating more 1 year of marriage with you. There are already 7 for our account and I know that many are yet to come to eternity. Happy wool wedding!

I reaffirm my yes every day with the certainty that I am married to the love of my life. Happy 7 -year wedding anniversary, honey!

I fell in love with you from the first moment and keep falling in love every day when I wake up by your side. Happy wool wedding!

I married the best person I know to share life. The words are not enough to describe what we have lived. Thank you for these 7 years of much love and partnership!

It’s been 7 years that you are my great life and adventure companion and I know I couldn’t have chosen better. Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Having you as a partner in my life is much more than I asked God. Thank you for 7 years so wonderful wedding. I’m ready for the much more than will come.

I couldn’t have married someone better. You understand me, support me, love me, encourage me and always surprise me with your way of loving. Happy wedding anniversary and wool wedding!

I thank God for the honor of calling you my wife. He gave me the most beautiful gift in the world. Happy wool wedding!

I promise you all that I promised you when we get married: a happy life, full of love and many achievements. Happy 7th birthday of marriage!

I just want to thank you for being who you are and for loving me as I am. You make me happy every day 7 years ago!

Life came to make sense when your love conquered me. I would marry infinite times with you. Happy wool wedding for us!

With you, I make plans and I’m not afraid to regret it. Happy wool wedding!

I know I’ll love you. All my life, I will love you. In every farewell, I will love you. Desperately, I know I’ll love you! Congratulations to us for 7 years of marriage!

We are not perfect, but life by your side has been perfectly happy. Congratulations to us for these 7 years of much love!

I’m still the same fool in love, if I’m wrong, I don’t even want to know. I just know that life is more colorful with you! Happy wool wedding!

We have so many dreams to live and what matters is that we will do everything together. May happiness be our greatest companion. Happy wool wedding!

It is very important to celebrate dates like this, because it is these manifestations of affection that rekindle the flame of love. To cultivate the passion and joy of being with those who love yourself, check out happy marriage quotes and live your own fairy tale!

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