30 messages from 5 years of marriage to celebrate love and complicity

Celebrating the wooden wedding is a source of joy and a lot of celebration, after all, it is half a decade together. There are many moments lived as a couple, from joys to disappointments, but love is about it, isn’t it? To celebrate this beautiful date, how about checking out these 5 -year -old quotes? Read and share it with your metade face!

5 years of marriage to celebrate wooden wedding

We have been married for 5 years, 60 months, 1852 days, 43800 hours and 2 million six hundred and twenty eight thousand minutes. I love you so much!

5 years passed. We have spent half a decade together. At this time, the seed of our love created roots, grew up and is getting stronger and stronger.

5 years of marriage! The walk was long, not over and is far from over. Together we are fortress. We are love, peace, support and life. I love you!

Here we are, celebrating our wooden wedding and with the certainty that the next one will come.

wooden wedding! Thanks for every moment, for each year, for each learning. We together go further. Count on me how I tell you!

True love never wears out. The more you give the more you have. Happy wooden wedding!

It is good to find the love of your life every day in the same person. Happy wooden wedding for us!

marriage is to support each other, because the bad days will come, but the couple signed in God always unites, no matter. Happy wooden wedding!

Maintaining a relationship is like having a bird: holding hard, it chokes and dies. If you leave it free, he leaves. But hold on carefully, it stays forever. Happy wooden wedding!

It is not love that sustains the relationship, it is the way of relating that sustains love. Happy 5 years of marriage!

5 years have passed and I can fall in love with you every day. May it always be like this, my love!

Our marriage is the greatest gift of God in our lives. May he continue to bless infinitely. Happy wooden wedding!

How good is to celebrate for 5 years love with the side of I love. May we always be happy and partner, honey!

You are the love of my life and it is an honor to be able to celebrate these wooden wedding with you! I love you so much.

Love, understanding, respect and a lot of partnership. This is what our marriage has been constituted 5 years ago!

It’s 5 years of marriage, but a lifetime of love and complicity. I love you from here until infinity!

Loving you in these 5 years of marriage has been the greatest privilege of my life. You teach me every day to be a better person. Gratitude for everything!

Our love is something of other lives! Celebrating these wooden wedding is the greatest joy we could have. I love you!

Despite all the conflicts, we have come here: 5 years of marriage! And we learn that love and respect are the basis of everything. I love you so much!

No marriage is just joys and this is great, because you are by my side even in the most difficult times. I love you and happy wooden wedding!

In these 5 years of marriage, I learned what love, respect, and delivery is. May we celebrate other birthdays together!

marriage is patience, respect and delivery. And I’m glad we have this to spare! Happy wooden wedding.

How lucky mine is to be able to build life with you! It’s 5 years of marriage and I can’t wait to celebrate the next birthdays together. I love you, my love.

Life becomes much lighter by your side, love. Happy wooden wedding for us!

5 years of marriage. 5 years of love, respect and great faith in God, for it is He who guides us and sustains.

Happy 5 years of marriage! May we celebrate this love every day of our lives. I love you so much!

How good it is for 5 years next to my face-to-face, the love of my life and the person who is present at all times.

You bring joy to my most gray days. How good it is to be married to a person full of light like you! Happy wooden wedding.

It is 5 years of a union that has been written since eternity. When it is to be, it just happens. And you and I know that well! I love you, my love.

I won’t deny it: We are the cool couple I know! Happy wooden wedding, my love.

And to continue celebrating more married years the secret is simple: a lot of love and respect involved! Take the opportunity to express all your affection with these quotes for a great love.

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