30 messages from 35 years of marriage celebrating coral wedding anniversary

It is not any couple who celebrates 35 years of complicity, companionship and love. It takes a lot of dedication to overcome the challenges, a lot of commitment to fight for the dreams they have together. If you have won this milestone, be sure to celebrate the coral wedding. Check out the best quotes of 35 years of marriage and declare your love.

35 -year -old quotes that celebrate this beautiful love story

God has taken care of us so far and continues to give us the strength to invest in this marriage and in our history. Happy Coral Wedding!

The best things that happened to me were thanks to you. Thank you for these 35 years of a love that changed my gaze on life.

Without your support and your love, I would be nothing. You make me be who I am. I love you. Happy Coral Wedding!

I still feel a great emotion when I look at you. It’s 35 years renewing my love and wanting you even more. Congratulations to us.

We live a beautiful love story, full of joys, achievements and complicity. May you never lack emotions for us. Happy Coral Wedding!

we dream, we dedicate ourselves and we are doing those projects from the beginning of relationship together. Walking by your side is filling me with love every day. Happy Coral Wedding!

This is a special day for us, after all, it is 35 years of a marriage full of love and achievements. Congratulations to us!

35 years ago, I said yes to our love and happiness. Glad I chose you and I follow you with every new challenge we face together. Congratulations to us!

We are no longer so young, but loving you still makes me feel like a passionate boy. Happy coral weddings for us!

In our coral weddings, I want to remember how happy I love you and I have found you. Congratulations to us!

We have a beautiful relationship capable of inspiring. Many mirror us. This just proves that we did everything right. Thank you for being my person. Happy 35 years of marriage!

You still make the butterflies on my stomach go crazy when I see you. Thank you for the 35 years happiest of my life.

I spent most of my life by your side and I’m happy because I shared and I will continue sharing my days with you. Happy 35 years of marriage!

It was some struggles, many joys, a lot of support and a lot of respect in 35 years. May we live even more!

We have worked all these years because we have learned to listen to each other. Thank you for always welcoming me and loving me. Happy Coral Wedding!

It is rarity to be by the same person for 35 years and I am very happy to be part of this select group of people. Congratulations to us!

We have a lot to celebrate because we live 35 happy years, overcoming and a lot of passion. That we can walk even more side by side.

I have nothing to complain about because, until life was difficult, I was happy by your side. Happy Choir Wedding, my love!

We are stronger and happier because we have each other. We built a beautiful family and still have a lot to come. Happy Coral Wedding!

We are best friends and accomplices in building our dreams and our family. May God continue to bless us. Happy Coral Wedding!

In these 35 years, we were friends, partners, accomplices and lovers. Thank you for sharing your days with me and make every unforgettable moment. I love you forever.

35 years with the person who changed me and turned the direction of my life. Happy coral weddings. I love you!

We have a family, many achievements, dreams come true and many plans ahead. We have each other and it makes me good. Happy 35 years of marriage!

The future brings me new hopes because we continue together and remain all these years. May God bless our coral wedding!

I want to make you happy more and more. Thank you for those 35 years and for all the happiness you shared with me.

35 years of marriage and a partnership that started so beautiful and followed even more amazing. I love you, my love!

Everything by your side is light, fun and full of love. It couldn’t have someone better to live these 35 years with me. I love you!

35 years ago your smile is my motivation and the light that guides my steps. Our coral wedding are our great achievement!

God blessed our relationship since the first day 35 years ago. May he continue to surprise us, my love!

Our history began many years ago. We spent all our phases together and I know it was the best that happened to me. Happy Coral Wedding!

May the love that has led them for those years, follow firm and strong. To declare how much you are done by living with someone so special, check out happy marriage quotes and feed affection for those who make your life lighter!

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