30 messages from 2 years of marriage to celebrate this special date

Love will always be worthy of celebration, this is a fact. Each love story has a unique way of being lived and told and, of course, every union should be celebrated, especially when it comes to marriage. We have selected these romantic quotes of 2 years of marriage, which are true statements to share with your spouse on this special date. Check it out!

2 -year quotes of love full of love to celebrate this special date

You have the gift of making me fall in love with you more and more. Happy, cotton weddings!

Two years married, my love. Since our first exchange of looks, I feel yours. You are the woman of my life!

I prefer to share a lifetime with you to face all the ages of this world alone.

I want to live life by your side and, with you, enjoy the sweet taste of love for eternity.

Just as the cloud only rains, just as the poet is only great if he suffers, as well as living without love is not to live, there is no you without me, I do not exist without you.

I want to celebrate life by your side, I want to live watching your smiles and warming me in your hugs. You are the love of my life, and forever I will love you!

Happy two years of marriage, my love! May our love story last until the end of time.

Together, forever, it’s as it has to be. Living without you would only leave my heart.

Even if these two years multiply a million times, I will still find little time to live next door. Happy cotton weddings, my angel!

I make plans for a future with you because I can’t imagine a single day of my life without your presence.

God has entrusted me to me so that none of the riches of your soul would be lost-on the contrary, so that everything will develop and flourish rich and splendidly.

Some people want everything, but I don’t want absolutely anything if it’s not you.

You are my safe haven, my support when weakness tries to make me fall. I want to live by your side for all eternity!

It is the liveliness of your gaze and the warmth of your smile, which make our love more and more special. May these two years be just the beginning of everything we will live together. I love you, my wife!

dear, it’s you, you are the one I love, you are the one I need. You are the only one I see.

Your love has returned my life. Thank you for these two years and for this charming story that we have built together.

As long as I live, I will love you, I promise you this. There is nothing I would not give … From now on, you are the reason I believe in love and you are the answer to my prayers.

For where love is, there will also be our hearts.

I love you and I want to go with you wherever it is, for the rest of our lives.

I spent my life waiting for someone like you, and when I met you, it was extraordinary! I can’t believe we are completing two years of marriage. May this date be repeated for a lifetime, for living by your side is my greatest joy.

Sharing life by your side is all I always wanted. Marrying me was the most correct decision I’ve ever made. You are my paradise! Happy cotton weddings!

Pass the time you pass, my heart will always accelerate when my eyes find yours. Happy 2 years of marriage, my love!

I fell in love with him two seconds after seeing him. And I will never stop loving him.

When I am with you, all the problems and difficulties seem small. You are my safe haven, my support when weakness tries to make me fall. I love you!

light and sweet like a cotton, these were our two years married. May this last forever, because I do not see myself in a future without you.

Your eyes drive me crazy, your mouth in mine has honey … Your body in mine warms me, your life in mine is my sky. Happy two years together, my love!

my beloved is mine, and I am his.

There is not even a day, that I do not look in your eyes and lose myself with love. You are my dream that has come true. Happy two years of marriage!

We completed the incredible two … and even with all the difficulties of a new experience, I learned that by your side life is lighter. Thank you for bringing joy to my days. May this date replicate forever!

I found my home inside a hug from you, I have a home for some time and I will remain in it until the end. Happy cotton weddings!

How good it is to celebrate life with those we love, isn’t it? And to continue surprising your love with beautiful statements, how about checking these wedding anniversary quotes too?

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