30 messages from 11 years of marriage that celebrate the steel wedding anniversary

A solid marriage goes far beyond love, right? Partnership, complicity, respect and patience are important bases for the success of life for two. If you have the privilege of celebrating another birthday alongside your love, then these 11 -year -old quotes are for you. Send your affection to your metada!

11 -year -old quotes to celebrate the special date

In the last 11 years you have made me the happiest person in the world. I love you so much, love!

Another year by your side, another year being the happiest person in the world and that many wedding birthdays come to celebrate together. Happy steel wedding, my love!

To be by your side in these 11 years is to be happy every day. May we continue to build our love with much patience, understanding and respect. Happy Steel Wedding!

Being married to you is a great privilege and a great adventure. I love you so much! Happy Steel Wedding!

A good marriage is a varied and happy conversation. Happy steel wedding, my love! 11 years of a conversation that never gets tired.

A happy wedding is a long conversation that always looks too short. Happy steel wedding! With you, eternity seems little, my love.

Building a family by your side is the greatest gift you could have given me. I love you so much and thanks for these 11 years of marriage!

Passion only learned to stay for a short time. Love really likes to remain a lifetime. Happy Steel Wedding!

You know someone loves you not for what they say, but for what you do. Love does not survive theories. Happy Steel Wedding!

11 years have passed and I love you every day more. You are the love of my life and I want you forever with me!

Because those who love never know what they love or know because it loves, nor what it is to love. Loving is eternal innocence, and the only innocence, not thinking. Happy 11 years of marriage, love! More than a decade that my thoughts belong only to you.

I don’t remember what our beginning was anymore. I know that we did not start from the beginning. It was love before it was. Happy 11 years of marriage!

Being married to the love of your life is lucky. Happy steel wedding, my love!

I love as love loves. I know no reason to love but to love. What do you want to tell you, besides what I love you, if what I mean is what I love you? Happy Steel Wedding!

If love is fantasy, I find myself lately in the carnival. Happy 11 years of marriage!

Lucky my being married to the most amazing person I have ever met. May another 11 years come and all eternity by your side!

Loving a person means wanting to grow old with him. Happy 11 years of marriage, my life!

Love is patient, love is kind. Do not envy, do not boast, do not be proud. Do not mistreat, do not seek your interests, not easily will be, does not hold a grudge. Happy 11 years of marriage for the one who teaches me to love every day!

What a privilege is to be able to celebrate these steel wedding with you, my love. May our marriage always thrive in joy and a lot of partnership!

Today we celebrate our steel wedding, from a relationship made to last, shaped by the fire of love. Thank you for making me a better, happier and more loving woman. You are all that I always dreamed!

Love, on this special day of our steel wedding, I just want to thank you for everything you did and do for me. You are the greatest gift God could have given me!

You are the most loving, dedicated and amazing person I’ve ever met. I love you so much my love. Happy steel wedding for both of us!

How lucky my being married to my best friend! I hope we can keep growing together and loving us more and more. Happy Steel Wedding!

You have been my safe haven in the last 11 years. Today we celebrate another special date together that represent how firm is our relationship: the steel wedding. I love you infinity!

sir, thanks for these steel wedding, thanks for sending me the love of my life and thanks for this blessed marriage!

How good it is to be with a patient, kind and always willing to change and grow with me! You make me better. Happy Steel Wedding, dear!

You have shown me that a relationship can be healthy, lasting and happy despite all the lifelong troubles. Happy steel wedding, my love!

11 years of a marriage blessed by God and fortified in the glory of His. I pray every day so that it is always like this!

These steel wedding are much more than another year of marriage. They represent the full strength of our love! I love you so much and I want you by my side forever!

I love the life we ​​built over these 11 years. Our marriage is the result of much love, dedication and patience. And let it always be like this!

The happiest unions are those that the couple does not take so seriously, bypassing problems in good mood. To get smiles out of your love on this special date, check out funny wedding anniversary quotes and show you that life is happier next to your pair!

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