30 messages for sick friends that are like love medicine

It is distressing to know that a friend is fighting a disease. If we could, we would do everything to cure him, even if it was beyond our ability. This is the time to be around! We can demonstrate our support and be a source of strengthening and hope. So check out the quotes for sick friends who bring comfort. Share affection.

Quotes for sick friends who demonstrate the importance of reception

I’m sure you will soon be well for us to take a cold together. Strength, friend!

friend, I’m praying for you. May God bless your life and give you health. Improvements!

It is not a silly disease that will bring you down. Friend, do not lose hope and remain strong. You are a winner.

friend, I don’t like to see you Dodói. You can always count on me. A bear hug. Stay well soon!

It is when we are sick we discover our strength. Friend, I know you’re a warrior. My thoughts are in your healing.

I cannot be by your side, but from afar, send positive thinking, my prayers so that you get better. I love you, friend!

I know your days are being difficult, but don’t give up my friend, for for God nothing is impossible. He will send your cure!

Friend, I get my heart broken when I see you sick. If you need cafuné and a lot of affection, just call me.

For anything you need, don’t think twice to call me. We are friends in health and disease too. Improvements!

friend, I can’t speed up your healing, but I promise that every day I will make you smile and soon you will be fine.

Friend, big battles are given to great warriors. I know your strength and I know you will overcome this disease. Soon we will celebrate!

If you don’t take care of yourself, I’ll be very angry. Don’t forget to take the medicines and stay rest! Friend, you can count on me.

I asked Jesus to do a healing miracle in your life, my dear friend. Have faith and don’t let the disease shoot down your heart.

What value would health be if we did not know the disease? Friend, I know you will leave this much stronger and motivated to live fully.

friend, I’m cheering for your recovery. Do not be impatient and maintain positive thinking. In the end, everything will be fine.

friend, the first step towards healing is not to lose faith. Believe me you will be able to overcome this disease. I’m by your side!

As much as there are obstacles on the way, the road always takes somewhere. Friend, don’t give up! The disease is just another obstacle, its victory approaches.

Friend, I forbid you to give up! You can count on me for whatever you need. I am cheering for your healing. Your persistence to deal with this disease is my strength.

Friend, enjoy these days of rest to recover your strength. I want to see you good and full of energy soon!

friend, don’t worry about anything! Keep focus on your recovery. If you need something, don’t be ashamed to ask me.

Friend, I know it’s not being easy, but I mean I believe in your strength. I want to see you smiling, because I know the disease is passing.

friend, you can let me take care of you. I promise to pamper you a lot and when you least realize, you will no longer be sick.

Today I thought a lot about you, my friend. I know the moment is difficult, but I’m praying for God to operate the miracle of healing in your life.

Friend, a loving kiss to make your heart warm as you recover. I’m cheering for your healing!

God is by your side and will not let this disease slaughter you. Friend, have faith, soon you will have your triumph!

The disease is like a storm. Have faith that it will soon pass and happiness will be dawned in your life, my friend!

friend, how can I help you? If you need something do not hesitate to look for me. I’m cheering for your healing.

I would so much like to be able to relieve your pain, my friend. You look so beautiful smiling. Be strong and don’t be discouraged!

With each passing day, your body is recovering from the disease. Soon you will be well and healthy, friend! I wish you strength and persistence.

Friend, don’t let the disease shoot down your happiness. I wish you find joy in simple things and recover soon.

Your support demonstration is very important for those who are sick. Keep encouraging your friends with the healing quotes that will touch their hearts.

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