30 messages for an absent father that express saved feelings

It is not easy to grow without the figure of a father. Even worse when a person chooses to abandon his children and not be present in their lives. To express all the feelings that this absence generates, read these quotes to the absent father and share in all their social networks, so that more people get aware.

Quotations for absent father who helps to express the lack that this important figure makes

There is a hole in the heart of every child who has an absent father.

I hope each father absent one day feels the same absence that his forgotten son has already felt.

The absent father is not just the physical void of a figure we did not have. Sometimes it is also someone who, even though I was there, did not know or did not want to play their role.

Despite the absence of a father figure, I grew up happy and in a home full of love, because my mother played both roles in the best way possible.

The emptiness that an absent father leaves in the lives of children can never be filled.

I do not keep a grudge for my father was not present in my life. In fact, I keep love twice for my mother.

paternal absence is not only physical and face -to -face, sometimes it is that emotional distance that children will never overcome.

Being a single mother is not ugly. Ugly is to be a father and not remember that there are children!

My father was never present in my life. He sent me gifts, but did not send me love. And all a child needs is love.

Pension does not pay the years of absence and lack of love, father. I hope you know this.

The wounds of an absent father never actually heal. They are always there, as much as we try to cure them.

growing up without the figure of a father made who I am today. I don’t care if he didn’t want to be by my side or my mother, because it made us much stronger.

For a long time I blamed myself for the absence of my father. I even thought I wasn’t good enough. Today, I understand that he did not want to assume me and be present in my life for their problems and lack of character. And this has nothing to do with me.

Father, I remember your absences, I don’t remember your gifts.

I was so long without my father that today no longer misses. The problem is his if I did not want to assume his children.

As much as I try, my father’s absence has affected and greatly affects my life. It is horrible to have a living father who seems not to care about you.

There are no excuses to be an absent father.

Father, it was never about the pension you didn’t send us. It was about his absence. About your lack of love and affection.

My father has never made a point of being a present figure in my life. My mother, on the other hand, gave me all the love and affection that a child deserves.

No child should grow with a fully absent father figure.

Putting children in the world is easy, it is difficult to be a good father and present in their children’s lives.

May no child know what paternal abandonment is. That all can grow with the figure of a present and very loving father.

Paternal abandonment marks the life of a person deeply.

The silence of the absence of my father echoes to this day in my mind. Paternal abandonment has left wounds that even time can not heal.

My father’s abandonment made my mother stronger. I am extremely grateful for this warrior woman who created me alone!

Worse than physical abandonment is the emotional abandonment that a father can provide to his children.

I hope my father knows that when a person is absent for a long time, there is a time when his presence no longer misses.

It was very difficult to grow up knowing that my father was alive, but totally absent in my life. Today, I am a strong person who knows the true value of the family.

My father’s affective abandonment was worse than not having it around.

My absent father taught me everything I should not be.

having a present and loving father should not be a privilege, but rule. Also check out our abandonment quotes understand your feelings kept.

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