30 messages about toxic people to remind you that you are their priority

It is difficult to say when we are in a toxic relationship, as this means destroying the whole image and expectations in a relationship that has no future prospects. At least, not a healthy future, but with much pain and sadness. So check out quotes about toxic people and allow yourself to rethink whether or not it is worth keeping certain people present in your life.

Quotes on toxic people who will make you rethink your relationships

Our mental health is more important than anyone.

Love is not to hostage to others, it is to have the freedom to share life with someone without fear.

Don’t let anyone convince you that you are crazy. Only you know the truth of your story.

believing in yourself is the first step not to give power to a toxic person.

A good start does not mean a good end. We have to pay attention to the subtleties of a toxic person.

Before being two, you were just one. An integer, covered with light and strength.

Good times do not define a good relationship. Being happy must be a constant in our life.

It is not our job to change anyone. Change is only possible when it starts from itself, not the other.

Love is only healthy when it is a sum of two complete individuals. Do not confuse love with dependence.

Relationship is not synonymous with psychological treatment.

Never confuse minimal actions with love. It should not be limited.

You are stronger than any relationship. You can win this battle!

No one is perfect, but we should not use our defects to justify toxic attitudes.

Before you date, you were unique and complete. A good person would never take it out of you.

Toxic relationship does not need to be romantic. It is also in friendships that do not accept who we really are.

There is a lot of toxic friendship disguised. A true relationship is not sustained in lies.

A relationship is made of the balance between giving and receiving. When the scale hangs only to one side, something toxic is happening.

Escape from people who make you question your own sanity.

There is life beyond the relationship. Finishing with a toxic person is not the end. It’s the restart!

Toxic people may be anywhere. Even within our family.

Love cannot and should not be accompanied by fear.

The infinity that exists within us cannot decrease to a toxic and limiting person.

People change and accept this is to understand what no memory can bring back what it has already been. Free yourself!

It is not possible to take care of yourself if all your energy is being spent on someone else. We are our own priority!

We need not prove anything to anyone. Life is not made of evidence, but shares.

What may now seem like the end of the world, tomorrow will taste the freedom to be free from a toxic person.

A toxic person releases a poison that buries daily the most essential and beautiful in you.

We are self -sufficient. No one who tries to convince us otherwise deserves our attention.

A toxic person blinds our eyes to the beauty and strength we have within ourselves.

Accepting the existence of the toxic relationship is the most difficult and essential step to get out of it. No one will change just because you want.

Read our self-love quotes and allow yourself to take the first step in facing and overcoming a toxic relationship. Embrace the extraordinary person who exists within you!

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