30 messages about Rio de Janeiro for those who love the wonderful city

Recognized by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humanity, the city of Rio de Janeiro attracts tourists from all over the world. Whether by beaches, landscapes, music, historical places, gastronomy or the cariocas themselves, one thing is fact: the wonderful city is passionate! To exalt this amazing place, be sure to read these quotes about Rio de Janeiro!

Quotes about Rio de Janeiro that celebrate the Rio de Janeiro spirit of being

Rio de Janeiro became flower. In the squares, in the gardens of buildings, in Flamengo Park you don’t even talk: it’s flower, it’s flower, it’s flower.

Leblon’s innocents did not see the ship enter. Brought dancers? Brought immigrants? Brought a radio grass?

The intervention general said that Rio de Janeiro is a laboratory for Brazil. And are we the guinea pigs?

My soul sings, I see Rio de Janeiro, I’m missing you.

Rio 40 Degrees, Wonder City, Purgatory of Beauty and Chaos.

Wonderful City full of charms a thousand, wonderful city, heart of my Brazil.

I don’t live in Rio, I date Rio.

You are Vila Isabel, you are Largo do Estácio, Copacabana curve, everything Rio has given me.

Rio de Janeiro is still beautiful.

Praise the priest, I praise the Son and praise the Holy Spirit. Praise God, I praise the saint of whom this river is son.

If it is to laugh, I Rio from January to January.

Life is too short not to live in Rio.

What I found in Rio was to invigorate a withered and apathetic heart.

In this carnival, only overdo the joy and love for Rio de Janeiro.

Happiness is a plane ticket to Rio de Janeiro.

More than beaches, the city of Rio de Janeiro is a historical museum!

The joy of Rio de Janeiro is simply contagious. There is no sadness when you put your feet in the wonderful city.

from Lapa to Corcovado. From Copacabana to Leblon. The river enchants me with your every particularity.

My happiness has twelve letters and three words: Rio de Janeiro!

It is impossible not to fall in love with Rio de Janeiro. A city with stunning natural landscapes, a rich story and lively people. It’s pure love!

Sometimes that will hits that desire out of nowhere: to do my blades and move to Rio de Janeiro.

All I wanted now was a caipirinha in hand and a beach of Rio de Janeiro.

The nature of Rio de Janeiro is unique! They are animals, landscapes and places that look like paradise.

If you will be sad, at least be sad in Rio de Janeiro!

Forget all your problems, make your bags and set aside your ticket to Rio de Janeiro!

Rio de Janeiro. Wonderful city made by even more wonderful people.

I never felt as welcomed as I was in Rio. People, places, beaches and parties. Everything exudes an amazing energy!

In this life I have a single true love: Rio de Janeiro.

happiness and Rio de Janeiro are synonyms!

beaches, cariocas, sambas, food and historical places. This is Rio de Janeiro. My favorite city in this world!

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