30 messages about motherhood that express all the love of a mother

To be a mother is to put the needs of children above their own, it is to donate at all times. It is to be afraid, but at the same time an unconditional love that does not feel for anyone else. To translate this whirlwind of emotions and understand this feeling as pure as maternal love, we have prepared a selection of quotes about motherhood. Check it out!

Quotations about motherhood because only those who are mother understand

There is no recipe to become a perfect mother, but there are several to be a good mother.

To be a mother is to have a million equal photographs of children on your cell phone and yet have love for all of them individually.

To be a mother is to take care of someone much better than we take care of ourselves.

Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything is reduced to the essentials.

With motherhood, only true friends remain. Are those who understand this new phase and give us strength not to give up.

It is for the miracle of motherhood that God shows how special are the women who inhabit our world.

Believe yourself and what you are doing. No one can be a better mother for your child than you.

To be a mother is never to be alone … Not even when we want!

There are no limits for love when motherhood comes to a woman, it’s infinite.

Who said “enjoy every minute” certainly did not know what was a tantrum crisis.

embrace the change that motherhood makes and becomes a much better person!

To be a mother is to cut the nail from one hand on the second and the other on the farm. Or not even cut!

Children have a wonderful way to show us what really matters in life.

Instead of giving pitacos, why don’t you give me diapers?

We cannot imagine life with children before we have them. But when they are born, we can’t imagine it without them.

To be a mother is to be a superhero without magical powers, discovering a hitherto unknown force within you.

A few days you will feel that you have failed something, but always remember that you always give your best. So you are the best mother in the world!

When you think about giving up, remember the reasons that made you get here.

To be a mother is to realize that life gave you the best and greatest gift of all: a child!

Judge, but I guarantee that if you are a mother, you will understand.

To be a mother is not to worry about the guess of others, because only you can decide what is best for your family.

I never knew how much love that I could fit in my heart until someone calls me mom!

maternity is spending time on your children, not money.

The love of a mother is our first contact with the world and with God, for Mother is Divine Present.

motherhood is the art of keeping all dishes running in the air.

No one said it would be easy, only it would be worth it.

Care more about the well-being of your children than the acceptance of the strangers around you.

To be a mother is to have the heart beating off her own chest.

There are feelings and sensations that we only discover after becoming a mother.

To be a mother is spending the day running and people still think you did nothing.

Only those who are a mother know what motherhood represents. No matter what books or people say, you only learn when you experience this experience! To thank all the love and affection, check out our love quotes for mother and share your admiration.

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