30 messages about diversity to celebrate differences

Definitely, humans are not all the same. We are all different, in multiple and diverse shapes. When we do not know how to understand differences, prejudice and intolerance arise, which so far away. Therefore, we need to celebrate differences and live with respect. Check out diversity citations and reflect on the need to have affirmative actions against prejudice.

Quotes on diversity to understand that we are not all equal

Inclusion happens when learning from differences and not from equality.

Take your prejudice from my way, I want to pass with my love.

Love the next. If you can’t, at least respect.

Save human diversity! Difference is not defective.

Pride is to be who you are in a world that tells you otherwise.

The greatest beauty of humanity is the diversity and the ability to live with it.

The true standard of beauty is in diversity.

No one is born hating someone else for the color of their skin, their origin or even their religion. To hate, people need to learn, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love.

We are all the same in the difference.

Hate Speech is not freedom of expression.

That our family concept is related to the amount of love, not the amount of fathers or mothers that a child has.

Like birds, people are different on their flights.

The difference enriches us, respect unites us.

Being different is normal.

We are the reason for the struggle of our ancestors. Stone always!

Value diversity, respect the differences!

that every prejudice becomes respect.

Deliver me from all prejudice, amen!

that the difference is not erased, but understood and respected.

Prejudice is a tie that prevents us from understanding and respecting differences.

Being different is not a problem. The problem is being treated different.

The differences are diverse colors that the rubber of prejudice insists on erasing.

All together for an inclusive education!

that our differences do not separate us, but approach us.

Diversity is to invite to the party, inclusion is to call to dance.

By a more democratic society, with space for diversity and understanding of differences.

Exercise consciousness, practice inclusion.

Intolerance erases the beauty of diversity.

We are not all the same, we are infinitely multiple.

It is the diversity of roses that adorns the gardens.

Glad it would be a more democratic world and without prejudice, isn’t it? Until we get there, we can do our part and have affirmative actions. So also check out quotes against prejudice.

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