30 messages about constancy for those looking for a new habit

The immediacy of the present day makes patience a virtue in disuse. But persistence and obstinacy are two essential engines in gaining dreams, goals and goals. And if you need to focus on any area of ​​your life, then read these quotes on constancy and find the necessary motivation!

Constance quotes that will help keep the focus

Constancy is more important than intensity.

Do not let the world take your focus and your hope. After all, patience and effort often take us further!

Any study demands constancy. At first it may seem difficult, but believe me, over time becomes a habit.

A winner is just a loser who tried again.

If men were constant would be perfect.

Constancy does not always consist of doing the same things, but those that tend to the same end.

Life as a whole is an eternal exercise of constancy.

It only approaches perfection who seeks it with constancy, wisdom and, above all, a lot of humility.

man without constancy cannot be comforting or doctor.

Being constant is what will lead me to success, that I’m sure!

From afar I will love you – from the quiet distance where love is longing and desire, constancy.

This is the mark of a really admirable man: firmness and constancy when facing a problem.

You are one step around your dreams every time you keep focus and constancy.

Persistence is the best way to success.

It is not the strength, but the constancy of the good feelings that leads men to happiness.

Today’s determination is tomorrow’s success.

Constancy is contrary to nature, contrary to life. The only completely constant people are the dead.

Constancy is the only shield that dulls the razor of adversity.

Patience and Constancy are the main steps towards success.

The drops drill a stone not by their strength, but by their constancy.

The secret to success? It’s not the diet, it’s not training, it’s not waking up early or working. The secret is the constancy! None of this works if you are dedicated only sometimes.

Your success depends more on your constancy than your talent.

May perseverance be your engine and hope, your gasoline.

Constancy is reasonable firmness; The one that is not reasonable is obstinacy.

Don’t give up easy! All that is worth asking for a little constancy and strength.

The constancy of a habit is in relation to its absurdity.

Who does not persist do not get what they want. Have constancy and collect the fruits of all your effort.

If you want to achieve a goal, keep focus, constancy and, above all, faith.

Make all your bad habits in good habits. Have constancy and you will see your life change completely.

Persist! If everything were easy, anyone could.

Focus and hard work lead to anyone to success! And if you want more motivation, then read these quotes of achievement that will give you the necessary gas.

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