30 messages about cacti because not everything is flowers

You need to see beauty in life despite the thorns that can eventually arise. After all, the grace of life is to understand and accept the need for each process that presents itself. So check out citations about cacti that are great for reflecting on the life and challenges that present themselves.

Cacti Quotes To Enjoy the Value of Thorns

If you were a cactus, I would endure all the pain just to hug you.

Be cactus when I need, but flourish when your time comes.

Not everything is flowers, sometimes they are. But relax, cacti also give flowers.

Even in the midst of the thorns there is flower. The pains are inevitable, honey.

I only know how to take care of cacti.

Rose loved the cactus because it understood its thorns.

Nothing like valuing one’s thorns and understanding how necessary.

To appreciate the beauty of cacti, you must accept the importance of thorns.

If even the cacti that are covered with thorns have beautiful flowers to show, then any human being, no matter how cold, at some point will have a little love to give.

Do not create expectations, create cacti.

cactus, strong and full of thorns, which were never a problem for those who knew how to take care.

Accept each part of you. Even their defects are necessary, as the thorns are for the cacti.

If you don’t understand your thorns, you don’t deserve you as a flower.

I’m your cactus flower.

There is beauty in the cactus, rose and its confusion.

I would hug you, even though you are a cactus and me a balloon.

Some species of cacti take years to flower. Exercise patience, because good things make any waiting worthwhile.

I could never hide my thorns, so I understood that those who want to appreciate the beauty of my flowers also need to know how to deal with them.

If you can handle the thorns and know how to wait, I will also give flowers.

The most important relationship is with yourself. What is thorn for the other can be essential to you.

You need to pass over the thorns to harvest the flowers.

Today I no longer consider myself a sunflower, but a cactus, for storing water and defending me from emotions.

she is a cactus, but gives flower too.

A cactus is just an aggressive cucumber.

Learn from cacti: adapt, be strong and patient, because at the right time you will flourish.

To love someone who doesn’t love you back is like embracing a cactus. The tighter you hold, the more it will hurt you.

She had many thorns, no one approached. But one day someone decided to risk, took care of her, gave love, watered and then she flourished. It was the most beautiful flower in the garden.

A cactus can last a lifetime and you look like one. I just hope that the love I feel is like too.

I cactus, you balloon. Hugging, without fear of the explosion.

I learned that I need to adapt. The cactus thorns are for their defense, just as the flowers are for those who know how to wait.

Thinking about cacti is a great way to reflect on obstacles in our ways, isn’t it? Also read flower quotes to keep thinking with the help of nature.

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