30 mermaid messages for those who would like to live at sea

According to legends, mermaids are enchanted beings half women and half fish. They inhabit the seas and on full moon nights come to the surface of the waters to sing their songs capable of bewitching. In this selection we choose hypnotizing mermaid quotes that will show you how amazing these mythological figures are. Check it out!

Mermaid citations for those who are adept at Merdism

Who samba on the sea is mermaid.

wise is the sailor who respects the sea, but knows that he is not heard in the corners of the mermaids.

Who was born mermaid is not afraid of storm.

Made Mermaid, I wanted to get out of the sand and live inside Amar.

Be mermaid even when the world tries to force you to be human.

wanted you to be my anchor, but I remembered that I was made to be a mermaid, not a ship.

Every mermaid longs for love as deep as the ocean.

If you love it was sea I wouldn’t be, I mermaid.

She learned that being a mermaid is knowing that the sea is more than what human eyes can see.

There is no mermaid without sea.

Who only in the sea feels at home, was born to be mermaid!

I wish I was born mermaid, so that my house was the sea and my garden to be the sand.

wanted to drown me. Soon I, Mermaid!

Be careful not to fall into the charms of the mermaid …

Still trying to understand why Ariel gave up being a mermaid to become human …

Body of Human, Soul of Mermaid.

Saia do Mar, beautiful mermaid! Get out of the sea and come play in the sand.

calm seas do not form great mermaids.

As for me, I will be mermaid to the end.

Mermaids are the nature in their purest and rudimentary beauty.

There are a million fish in the sea, but I’m a mermaid.

I have the soul of a mermaid …

When I dive into the sea, I feel a mermaid and I think I could stay there forever.

sky, sun, sea and a mermaid singing!

Mermaids, however, have an even more terrible weapon than their singing: their silence.

Different from other mermaids, she was not just a part of the sea inside her … she was the sea itself!

awaken the mermaid that exists in you!

I am Mermaid, but of peace in my life only the ocean.

I am a mermaid of heart; I make my house and the sea my reason for my reason.

Mermaids do not suffer, they Diva.

I even wanted to live in the ocean, didn’t you? For those who love this immensity of saltwater, nothing better than checking our quotes of sea and being even more enchanted by this blue depth!

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