30 manicure messages to appreciate well-done nails

Manicures are responsible for beautifying hands and feet and bringing joy from a well -made nail. It is a profession that requires attention to detail and therefore deserves to be highly valued. With that in mind, we separate manicure quotes to express love for the craft, laugh or even send to customers. Check it out!

Manicure and pedicure quotes for customers

In addition to love for the profession, you need to value customers. How about pleasing them with a note, a message on WhatsApp or a post on social networks? The quotes below are amazing for these moments and will leave them smiling.

After your face, your hands are the first thing people notice. Keep the manicure up to date!

What is the color of this week’s nail polish?

There are no gray days for those who paint their color nails.

Always try something new, even if it is the color of the enamel.

Life is made of colors, what will be yours?

For today: a lot of happiness, smiles and perfect nails.

We wish peace, love, joy and perfect nails.

Your nails talk about your style, even without saying one word.

Funny manicure quotes

Subjects involving nails can be funny! How about having some of these quotes in hand for the moment of service? Check it out and have fun with your customers.

I believe in a better tomorrow, because tomorrow is the day to do your nails!

teenager wants eternal love, while the adult really wants to nails last after washing the dishes.

Life is not perfect, unfortunately. But your nails can be!

The color of the nail polish speaks louder than any word.

There is nothing bad that a well done nail cannot fix.

I’m so needy that the manicure asked for my hand and I accepted.

I bring the beloved nail in half an hour!

Money does not buy happiness, but pays a manicure well done, which is almost the same thing!


This profession is not only flowers, it also involves situations that cause revolts. Which manicure never got angry at a cancellation on time, for example? Demonstrate your revolt with the quotes below.

Foot and hand brand, arrives on the day just wants to make your hand. And I do what with the time I separated for both?

I’m not a podiatologist, I do not unleash nails!

Choose your color and be sure of what you want.

marked time and will not attend? Warn in advance so that another diva can be answered in place.

Boring customer message I read through the notification bar and pretend to be offline.

The client comes to make the feet and he reaches 50 shades of gray. How about washing before you do your nails?

client who wants nail stretching, jewelry, glitter, everything and a little more, but doesn’t want to pay the price.

Manicure Quotes for Love

The best manicures are those who love their profession and do what they do because they really like it! Demonstrate affection for your work with the quotes we selected below.

Being manicure goes beyond sanding, taking cuticle and painting. Is creating, transmitting and thrilling!

manicures bring nail life, love to hear stories and love what they do.

beautiful nails always make me smile, so I chose this profession!

Life is made of colors. I chose to color nails!

My work is my pride, my art and my love.

Happiness is to make perfect nails and see the smile on the client’s face!

Here everything is done with a lot of love! From sanding and removing the cuticles to enamel.

well made nails bring peace to our days! To continue enjoying what delights our eyes, check out beauty quotes and bring even more Glow to yours.

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