30 Indian Day messages to celebrate Brazilians

Indigenous peoples are rich in diversity, each with its culture and tradition. However, all of them linked by the suffering caused by the fury of the colonizers. If in the past they have been massacred and exterminated, currently indigenous people from around the world come into resistance. Check out the Indian Day quotes, celebrated on April 19, and share your support and recognition.

Indian Day Quotes that portray Brazilian diversity

A culture suffocated by the arrogance of the colonizers. On Indian Day, we must recognize the error of our ancestors and ask for historical reparation!

There are more than 225 indigenous peoples who inhabit Brazil. Long live the diversity! Long live Indian Day!

The Indian also named Brazil! There are more than 150 languages ​​spoken by indigenous peoples. Long live the linguistic variety!

We have a historical debt with indigenous peoples. We should honor and thank the first inhabitants of our homeland. Long live Indian Day!

They say that the Indian is not civilized, but forget that he is the white human being, heir to the colonizers, who destroys nature. Indian is consciousness, it is Brazil!

It is not enough to remember the Indians only on April 19th. Words do not notice historical cowardice. You have to fight for reparation and recognition!

A society that calls the animal Indians in zoos I digs the pit of their human ruin. On Indian Day, we must demand respect!

You may not know, but cassava, pineapple, canoe and pequi, all these are words we inherited from the first inhabitants of Brazil. Let us celebrate Indian Day!

While the powerful of capitalism will fire the forests, the Indians demonstrate the true resistance of a Brazilian heart that protects their nature.

Indians hear the stars, feel Mother Nature and dialogue with the rivers. On Indian Day, we will recover our ancestry.

Don’t shorten historical lies! On Indian Day, tell children the story that books do not tell.

When man finds that money does not recover forests, it will be late to value nature. On Indian Day, that this culture is inspiration for all the Brazilian people.

The indigenous heart hits in tune with the heart of Brazil! Indian Day is also Brazilian Resistance Day.

Not only congratulations, offer respect and equality! Celebrate Indian Day being part of the resistance.

We should be ashamed of a corrupted democracy that transforms the Indian into indigent. Indian is Brazilian people!

Congratulations is not enough! We want indigenous demarcation now! On Indian Day, require the guarantee of territorial rights.

Do not close your eyes to the violence suffered by indigenous peoples. On Indian Day, open consciousness!

Indian is culture, art and history! The painted face is resistance, fight and a scream for freedom! Long live Indian Day!

Each little piece of the Brazilian territory has already been watered with indigenous blood. On Indian Day, resistance!

The Indians are not over, many peoples have been exterminated, but they still live, resist and persist in the struggle for rights!

As the agribusiness poisons the planet, the Indian struggles for the next generation to have a sustainable world. On Indian Day, reflect: Who is the true villain?

Every day it should be Indian day, because in a country that is a groan of greedy capitalists, the indigenous struggle for survival is daily and arduous.

On Indian Day, let’s raise arrows, briefly and echo our voice in tune with the clamor of indigenous peoples who ask for a democracy for all.

As long as indigenous peoples do not have their rights recognized, do not congratulate, join the fight! On Indian Day, I support territorial demarcation.

The sun is your clock, herbs are your medicine, the sky is your ceiling and the Brazilian land is your floor. Indian Day is every day!

What would you do if anyone broke into your home and sent you away? Yeah, that’s what the Portuguese did! On Indian Day, let us remember the native peoples.

Brazil was not discovered, but stolen. On Indian Day, remember that we cannot change the past, but we can repair the mistakes and transform the future.

that indigenous memory is awakened and false fiction created to erase these people be demystified. SILENING NEVER AGAIN!

The forest cannot express your pain with words. The Indian is the voice of the forest asking society to stop clearing and kill our planet.

Cultural appropriation empties the meaning of indigenous culture and erases the history of these people. On Indian Day, that tradition and customs are remembered and respected.

say no to discrimination, that indigenous peoples are respected! Also take the opportunity to check out the diversity quotes that bring great awareness.

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