30 goalkeeper messages to highlight the most challenging position in the game

It’s not easy to be a goalkeeper! It is in his hands the responsibility to hold the game with each match, face the opponent head on and defend the various attempts at goal. To honor and encourage this true hero from the fields, we selected the best quotes of goalkeeper. Check it out and share your favorites!

Goalkeeper quotes to commemorate his amazing defenses

twenty mistakes and a hit can turn any player into a hero, except the goalkeeper!

The goalkeeper battles the whole game, but only on penalties do they really cheer for him.

Among the various heroes on the field, the largest of them is almost never recognized: the goalkeeper.

The goalkeeper needs to have the skills of all players within himself: speed, strength and the ability to read the match.

A team that does not recognize the importance of a goalkeeper is doomed to failure.

It is no use cursing the goalkeeper if the rest of the team is incompetent.

Behind each play, there is always a great goalkeeper.

They can have the best of goalkeepers, but only a miracle to save this team.

In the middle of the goal, the goalkeeper grows and gets giant.

Who says he likes football, but only has as an idol defender, still does not understand the importance of the goalkeeper.

It’s no use cheering for the goalkeeper only on penalties. Until getting there, he played a lot.

If each ball prevented had the same importance as a goal, they would begin to understand the goalkeeper’s strength.

It is wrong to say that the goalkeeper is the left -wing player. Only the good ones can really face the challenge of occupying this position.

A goalkeeper is adapted to various sports, because he is able to kick and throw with mastery.

To be a goalkeeper is to have the resistance of an eternal defender. With each new play, a challenge to face.

The goalkeeper is proof that the defense is the best attack.

To be a goalkeeper is to wear the team’s shirt with claw and dedicate themselves to the maximum in every moves.

With each move, a new strategy and a new defense challenge. The goalkeeper is present in all these moments.

The whole team trusts the goalkeeper to defend their weakest point. A confidence given to a few.

Within the game, a good goalkeeper has the agility of a lion added to the size of a bear.

Any play can go extraordinary to disastrous when they put a good goalkeeper to end it.

There is no point in a fantastic defender if there is no competent goalkeeper to defend him.

The goalkeeper’s insistence and determination determine the victory.

Confidence in each defense is what determines a good and a goalkeeper.

A goalkeeper does not play alone, but it is the main key for the team to remain winning.

Missing is natural. However, every goalkeeper needs to learn to get up and face the next move. Each moment is unique!

An error is able to destroy a goalkeeper’s career, but he needs to stay firm and keep trying.

The goalkeeper is the hope of the game when everything seems lost.

A good goalkeeper is not one who is not afraid, but the one who knows how to control him in each move.

When a goalkeeper takes the ball after a difficult play, everyone breathes with relief.

We hope you enjoyed the amazing goalkeeper quotes we have separated for you. Continue reading motivational texts with our sports quotes.

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