30 evangelical 15th birthday messages full of blessings

Completing 15 years is reason for great celebrations. A new phase of maturation begins, the responsibilities are greater. Living becomes a beautiful adventure full of challenges that we must go with great faith and hope. At this very special moment, be it incentive, light and companionship for the birthday girl. So check out the 15th anniversary evangelical quotes and demonstrate your affection.

30 15th Anniversary Evangelical Quotes that will thrill the birthday girl

I wish happiness to always be your destiny. Go through your way with faith and make sure Jesus is always by your side. Congratulations for your 15 years!

Your life is a miracle of God! May faith always be your greatest protection. Congratulations on your 15 years. May a new journey of blessings make you even happier.

May the grace of God manifest itself without reservation in your heart. May the goodness of the Lord happy the day of your birthday. Happy 15 years!

Completing 15 years is a great passage of life. Take advantage of this moment with great joy, faith and hope. Great things will come and God will be with you. Happy Birthday!

Happy 15 years! May your smile never break down and that faith is always a fire accesses in your heart. May God bless your birthday.

Congratulations for your 15 years! May you always have a mood to fight for your dreams, faith to persevere in the purposes that God has placed in your heart. May it be your protection and your fortress. In this way, undoubtedly your future will be brilliant.

On this important day that God’s love envelops you and overflows joy in your heart. Congratulations for your 15 years!

You are the most beautiful debutante! Keep emanating your light. God is by your side and will bless you for being such a wonderful person. Happy 15 years!

So far God has been by your side and you can be sure that He will continue to bless you. Congratulations on your 15 years. May it never lack faith, health and peace.

Congratulations for your 15 years! May the will of God remain in your life. Maturity is the best gift. Many dreams, achievements and happiness.

Happy Birthday! I wish your heart to always be in celebration, for the Lord is with you at all times. Enjoy your 15 years with great wisdom, God in the heart and faith in all your actions.

It is always a great joy to celebrate your birthday, because you are the gift God sent to make me happier. Congratulations on your 15 years. Always count on me!

I wish God to pour out infinite blessings in your life. Enjoy the day of your birthday. May another 15 years of great joy and faith come.

That on this important day God embrace you and involve you in tenderness and happiness. Congratulations on your 15 years. Continue to be light.

May the Divine Presence follow your birthday. Congratulations on your 15 years. May the new cycle surprise you with blessings every day.

Today is a party in heaven and on earth because a very special person turns 15. Many blessings and victories for you. Happy Birthday!

How time flies! Today you turn 15 and my emotion is tremendous. I love to keep up with your growth. May God always be your shield.

I thank God for having you in my life. Happy 15 years! That all beautiful irradie on your day. You are in my prayers.

You are very special to me and God. May the Divine Light illuminate your 15 years and may you have the most beautiful birthday. Congratulations!

God has great plans for your life. Continue with an open heart and never stop seeking faith and spiritual growth. Happy 15 years!

Happy Birthday, beautiful debutante! May God strengthen your heart and follow your steps. May your life be full of dreams come true. Congratulations for your 15 years.

Happy Birthday! I’m sure God is pouring infinite blessings about your life. May your 15 years be full of dreams and learning.

You are a treasure that every day God cut and transforms into an amazing human being. It is a great blessing to be able to celebrate its 15 years. Happy Birthday!

You are the gift God sent to brighten our lives and since then we have collected a series of reports of his presence through his smile. Congratulations on your 15 years. You can always count on the support of your family.

Today I want to praise for your life and thank God for the honor of having you by my side. Congratulations on your 15 years! All happiness in the world.

It is with great joy that I celebrate its 15 years. For 15 years you have been a sign of God’s love for us. May the angels always be by their side and may never lack faith in their hearts.

On this important day, be sure to thank God for your life. May peace and love reign in your heart. Congratulations on your 15 years. A happy birthday full of faith.

Completing 15 years is a magical moment. Begin this new cycle by placing your plans in the hands of God and make sure He is by your side. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations for your 15 years! May God keep on blessing you. Never forget that you are a precious jewel.

I cannot be by your side, but I ask God to take care of you. May divine love mark your 15 years and fill you with dreams to continue living wisely.

It is always an honor to be able to bless the lives of people who are important to us. So, also check out the anniversary religious quotes and keep making this day even more special.

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