30 chimarrão messages for those who know how to value a good mate

Chimarrão is a drink prepared with yerba mate and hot water that is part of the daily life of many people. This drink, in addition to bringing several health benefits, is able to unite family and friends on large conversation wheels. Take your gourd and bomb, prepare your mate and enjoy our selection of mate quotes!

Chimarrão quotes for those who like to talk outside

a good mate warms the soul.

Are you nervous? Take a mate.

Everything in life passes, less the desire to take mate.

Love and Chimarrão are good for the soul and heart.

The world turns a mate wheel. Even if we have to wait, one hour comes our turn.

people who don’t live without mate.

Mate good is mate every day.

In life there are two things I don’t give up: the company of friends and a good mate.

So many people suffering for love and I suffering to find a cheap yerba!

Little Pleasures of Life: Taking a Mate.

marry someone who waits for you with the chimarrão ready.

Taking a mate next to those we like leaves life much better!

It is in the silence of the mate that I find a warmth for the soul.

That never lacks time for a mate and good prose with friends.

I want to share my mate with you all my life.

mate: the hottest bitterness in the world.

mate is much more than a drink, it is a moment of peace in the middle of this routine running.

where you have mate, you don’t have to have luxury.

You have to love people as if they were mate.

Stop, rest, take a mate and realize that happiness is in the little things of life.

Be close to those who laugh, are grateful for life, share love and make a good mate.

Where there is mate, there is friendship.

Keep Calm and Forget everything and take a fip.

Blessed everyday mate.

May peace, love and a good mate come routine.

Chimarrear: Act of being happy drinking a very hot mate.

Status: Taking mate.

May you never lack a good mate, courage and love!

Dating someone who knows how to do mate. Beauty is over, addiction not!

The day only starts after the first mate!

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