25 messages from Thomas Shelby that inspire leadership instinct

Member of a Gangster family and veteran of World War I, “Tommy” is a complex and unusual man. Leaded by his leadership instinct, intelligence and bad behavior, the character of the British series Peaky Blinders, won the hearts of fans. We have selected the best quotes from Thomas Shelby that inspire many important reflections on politics and values. Come check it out!

Thomas Shelby Quotes for a fan of Peaky Blinders

You can change what you do, but you can’t change what you want.

When planning is good, no hurry.

I will make this a success!

When planning is good, no hurry.

I imagine that a shot from a woman donates like a man’s shot.

In a battle, that’s all you have … a minute of everything, at once. Everything that came before is nothing.

lies spread faster than the truth.

These are difficult times. People need reason to bet.

I don’t need a knife to stop walking by telling the secrets that were entrusted to me. It is a matter of honor.

It is not negotiated when it is at disadvantage.

I used to see men die.

Death can be a blessing.

Every religion is a stupid answer to a stupid question.

I’m not a traitor to my type. I am only an extreme example of what a working man can reach.

The only way to guarantee peace is to make the expectation of war seem inevitable.

There is no rest for me in this world. Maybe next time.

I have long learned to hate my enemies, but I never loved anyone before.

We don’t need men at the moment, because it was excesses of men who spoiled everything.

Attack when the enemy is weak.

It is in the past. And I don’t care about the past.

Sometimes a good man needs to bear.

In bars, sometimes people say things, and sometimes it is whiskey talking. It is difficult to discern who speaks.

Remember who you are, and where are you.

I am my own revolution.

You need to get what you want through your own means.

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