25 hangover messages to overcome the memories the next day

It may even have never had a hangover, but you know that friend who had to be rescued, right? No way, excessive alcohol does not make anyone unharmed. In addition to symptoms such as sickness and indisposition, that pride was wounded the next day. To deal with this situation, check out hangover quotes to recover your spirits!

Hangover quotes to forget the previous day

Hangover level: I don’t know where I am even how I arrived.

of love and cachaça we always say again, but only while the hangover lasts.

Hangover It is like love, only heals one another.

The hangover lasts only the next day, but the memories last forever.

I drank yesterday as if there was no tomorrow, only it had.

Hangover is the price you pay for something I don’t even remember, but I know it was fun.

The best hangover is that tiredness the next day, after a long night of love.

good friend is the one who takes care of me during the hangover!

I’m so intimate with the hangover that I’m already calling her Rê!

Look of the day: Dailed glasses to disguise the dead face.

drink to forget you, but in the hangover I remember you.

Avoid hangover, keep drunk.

Before you die of hangover, that of boredom.

Hangover It is a very ungrateful way of your body to thank you for one night.

Life is a party, reality a hangover.

Sunday morning is the official hangover day!

Hangover agreement, I don’t even remember what I did. I was not born for love, vixi … but I’m happy!

99% hangover, but that 1% wants to go crazy again.

Hangover is equal to miss: if you are feeling it is because it was worth it.

If alcoholism is a disease, hangover should yield certificate.

You are not worth my hangover the next day.

Tomorrow is a hangover day, today is a enjoyment day. Let’s go to the ballad!

There is a hangover life? Yes, and at that moment I am living intensely her.

When I say I’ll stop drinking: Don’t believe it, it’s the hangover talking for me.

If I don’t die of hangover, it’s not for you that I’m going to die.

Now that you are already dealing with the next day, how about checking drink quotes? You can enjoy the party with friends at ease, but remember: always drink in moderation!

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