25 good morning Psalm messages to bless loved ones

It is wonderful to be able to strengthen someone’s morning with a beautiful message that brings the Word of God. Those who have faith and seek the presence of the Lord always find energy and hope to perform everyday activities. So check out the quotes of good morning psalms that will shed many glory in the lives of those you love. Share blessings!

Good morning psalms that will rejoice your heart

Wait in the Lord, cheer up, and He will strengthen your heart. Good morning!

Your Word, Lord, is forever firm in heaven. May God give you a good day!

Good morning! Those who trust the Lord are like Mount Zion, who cannot be shaken, but remains forever.

Good morning! God is our refuge and our fortress, aid always present in adversity.

Thousand will fall by your side, and ten thousand to your right, but will not come to you. A good day of victories for you!

He who keeps you does not sleep. A good morning blessed!

The Lord is merciful and compassionate, patient and overflowing with love. Have a good day blessed!

Good morning! You dominate the revolt sea; When you love your waves, you calm them down.

It is better one day in your atria than a thousand elsewhere. Good morning with many blessings!

the one who dwells in the hideout of the Most High, in the shadow of the omnipotent will rest. A good day blessed by God!

Some put their strength in cars, others, in horses. But we have it in the name of the Lord, our God. Good morning!

Good morning! God has established an eternal covenant with us.

Praise the Lord, because he is good; because eternal is your mercy. Good morning!

Good morning! The mouth of the righteous utters wisdom, and your language speaks according to justice.

God comes to your aid since the morning break. Good morning!

God does not forget what he promises. He is faithful! Have a good day full of faith.

The words of the Lord are pure, they are like silver purified in an oven, seven times refined. A beautiful and blessed good morning to you!

Good morning! The Lord gives a view to the blind, the Lord raises the slaughtered, the Lord loves the righteous.

In the morning you will hear my voice, O Lord; In the morning I will introduce you to my prayer, and watch. Good morning!

Happy are those who are not carried out by the advice of the wicked, who do not follow the example of those who do not want to know of God and who do not join those who mock everything that is sacred! Good morning.

My heart is firm, O God, my heart is firm; I will sing and salmodize. Awaken, O my soul; Awaken, Harp and Cí! I want to wake up Aurora.

cumulating us from the morning with your mercies, to rejoice in our entire lives. Good morning!

Because your indignation lasts only a moment, while your benevolence is for a lifetime. In the afternoon comes the weeping, but in the morning, the joy returns. Good morning with great hope!

Those who sow with tears, with songs of joy will harvest. You deserve to have a good day!

I lift my eyes to the hills and ask: Where does help come from? Have a good day!

Nothing better than the Lord’s Word to cheer the morning. Enjoy this blessed climate and also check out the biblical quotes of good morning to feel the presence of God.

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