20 poem messages about freedom to live intensely without ties

Being free and unimpeded is something that many want, but unfortunately they do not always do. The theme has already been debated by philosophers, writers and poets and always raises new reflections. If you love to reflect on this subject in a very poetic and romantic way, then you need to check out these quotes of poems about freedom!

Quotes of Poems on Freedom for those who do not hold any ties

The bird is free in arrest. The spirit is free in the prison of the body.

Until one day, I bravely, I looked in another sense, and I could, dazzled, to taste, finally, the bread of my hunger. – Freedom, that you are in me, sanctified be your name.

Freedom, yes, freedom! The true freedom! Think without desires or convictions. Own yourself without the influence of novels!

She is the kind of art that was born to color the world, not to get stuck in the wall of a room.

Solitude is always the foundation of freedom. But also from the space through which it develops the extend of time around the strict attention of the act.

Conquest of freedom is something that makes so much dust that, for fear of the mess, we usually prefer to choose tidiness.

O Freedom! If that could be your name, you were separated from these, or they from you.

“My Father, what is freedom?” The clean hand, the glass of water on the table which an altar open to the man who passes the green wind of the sea.

I allowed me to volatility of passages only, fate doesn’t matter as much as the freedom to want to go without commitment to return without commitment to stay.

Not pleasure, not glory, not power: freedom, only freedom.

In the past, freedom sat at the heights, the thunder breaking at his feet: above her the starry lights trembled: she heard the torrents meet.

You will know the truth of colors and sharing. You will know the truth of water, earth and air of the soul and heart. Maybe so, the truth will set you free.

She learned what freedom is when she found out what her arrests were.

I thought freedom came with age. Then I thought freedom came over time. Then I realized that freedom does not come is not something that happens to you I will always have to go.

For love is not sweet, because good is not smooth, because tomorrow as yesterday is bitter, freedom.

have you tried to hold a wind? Yeah, there’s no way. And she’s like that – she will always escape from everything that keeps her stuck.

Born liberated is the greatest greatness of man, which makes the humble hermit superior to kings, and to the gods even, which are sufficient by strength, but not by its contempt.

The eagle of your nest is no longer easily divest – and win the sky than you can. Except you can be your enemy. Captivity is consciousness, so it is freedom.

Oh, what a pleasure, not doing a duty, having a book to read and not do it!

Let us not let us subjugate, let’s say our will. No one can gag us, this is freedom.

Poetry is an infinite sea of ​​possibilities that raise the most diverse issues of human existence! If you love this kind of writing, then keep being enchanted by these beautiful quotes from happiness poems and don’t let anything get your way.

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