20 messages from MC Cabelinho for those who like songs with reflection

Brazilian singer and actor, MC Cabelinho is a hit on the charts and has more than two million followers on Instagram. Their songs bring strong social criticism and mostly talk about the inequalities faced by those who live in needy communities. Read these quotes from Mc Cabelinho and learn more about the singer’s world!

Cabelinho Quotes that are full of criticism

I am grateful for everything, regardless of the situation.

baby, I’m planning to get rich this year. Travel to other corners of this giant world and do everything I couldn’t do before. We both ventured like two lovers.

I stopped to reflect and asked God: Why is life like this?

Without taking the foot off the floor, I live without limit, it was always like this.

On the earth what you plant, you reap. Neguinho, your way you choose.

I’m standing, we are. One more chance to start over and I just have to thank.

I want the world and her to me.

I try to get you out of thought, but you can’t help it. In my mind, seeing a few moments, I cry just remember.

I just wanted people to stop judging the other without putting themselves in the place of the next, is it connected?

Just not give up that the doors will open.

God enlightens all the favela ‘of Brazil. And those who are gone: rest in peace.

The difficulty we took off. Always thanking the guy from above so that never misses the bread on the table.

Unfortunately one day everything goes by. Everything has an end.

I only know my suffering before bed.

It may even take time, your suffering will end and the doors will open, less, when you least expect it.

Father, forgive my sins. I am a human being full of defects. May my day today be blessed.

From time to time death surrounds me. There are several nights sleeping awake.

Who is really will strengthen. Who is a lie will regret.

Look at the favela at the height. I told you that this suffocation would one day end. We dodged all this lack of opportunity. I get it and I’m living from my rush, who would say?

I will continue to stand. Fly as high as I can.

Music is always a way to expose various problems of society! To continue knowing other artists with this footprint, read these quotes from Sabotage.

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