20 messages from angels that will make you reflect on these celestial beings

For Christians, angels are spiritual creatures that dwell in heaven and have the function of messenger between God and human beings. In addition, they are also known as beings that protect people and help them go the way to God’s promised place. To get to know these creatures better, check out the best quotes of angels!

Angels quotes to feel protected

There are angels who walk among us disguised as friends.

Living with angels makes you want to have wings.

stars are small poetry that angels declare for us to sleep.

You are never so lost that your angels cannot find you.

May angels always be by your side, protecting your way and delivering you from all evil.

Somewhere, to relax, I will ask the angels to sing for me. For those who have faith, life never has an end.

Society is full of monsters with friendly faces and scarring angels.

There is joy among the angels of God because of a sinner who repents.

May the angels of heaven always watch over you so that nothing disturb your walk towards victory!

My angel has no wings, but it has a beautiful smile.

It was the pride that turned angels into demons, but it is the humility that makes angels men.

she believed in angels and, because she believed, they existed.

Some people are an angels of invisible wings.

Always be aware of identifying people who are true angels in your life!

Love is an invention of angels for happiness to last longer in us.

God is so good that instead of people he presents us with angels.

Look at the stars, feel the peace inside you and realize that there are always angels around you protecting you!

Just do not see angels who does not pay attention to the people that God puts in our lives.

Hugs are angels sewing our souls with cloud wires.

Those who believe in angels are sure to be always protected!

To feel even more security, also check out our selection of quotes from God takes care of me and realize that he is always by your side watching over your well -being!

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