120 song messages to find the perfect soundtrack for you

We are all the time surrounded by songs and always have those that seem to be written for us, because they describe exactly what we are living, feeling and even thinking. In addition, they mark the moments we live and give us great memories when we hear them again.

Thinking about it, we made an amazing selection with music quotes from various genres to choose your favorite and use it at a special time, either to send to your love or share with the crowd, you will find quotes for all Situations!

Famous Music Quotes

With the large amount of songs that are released every day, it’s hard to stay on top of everything right? So we have selected famous music quotes for you to share on your social networks and show that you are up to date with what is going on. You will like it!

If I don’t even keep money, who will say gross!

She is an action movie with several finals!

I live and I want to live, teach and learn!

Want to know the meaning of life? Forward.

I changed a thousand for one, and this one, for a thousand thanks!

Forget it and go crazy…

she has colors, curves, flavors… things that seduce!

So many smiles out there, you want my…

I’m the guy your ex will hate, your mother will love and you will never forget!

ô, sun, see if you don’t forget and illuminate me, I need you here!

Okay, if you use me, what is you? Just being with you, I’m fine.

I may not be the love of your life, but I am the love of your bed!

For a good understanding, half absence enough!

Losing you was the most hurt pain I felt in life … Without you, I played drink in the wound!

head erected always to follow. If you try to stop us, it’s not like that!

You taught me how to learn to forget you!

I’m in the status I didn’t want, I didn’t know how much I did!

The alliance has become a finger ornament, our bed now is just to sleep!

Being happy for me is not expensive…

Country music quotes

Country songs are perfect for all moments, either for that day of suffering or for the ballad warmth, encouraging the whole class. So we selected quotes of country music that are among the most played in all of Brazil and are ideal to show everyone the phase you are living!

I just know that life is more colorful with you!

If I drink, hold me that I create courage!

I would lose myself easy on this piece of bad way that is you.

I will let time show you that your love is me.

To insist on us is walking back, but falling is so tasty …

Your mouth is worth the price to lose the quiet I had!

If you want happiness, come see me again!

If one doesn’t want to, we go to another!

In the two -place sofa, imagine if he spoke, denies…

And the worst is that it still gives a knot when I remember us…

we will meet again, in a ballad, among the people…

If your bed spoke, I would call my name.

Talk of love I don’t want to, but kiss on the mouth I can!

It was, but it is no longer my favorite notification. Once it was, but it is no longer number one of my life.

If you want me, know I want you too!

loses this fear and is running to call me love!

You don’t deserve it, I love you yet!

longing I have all the time you come in my memory … I think 24 hours in you, I have no time to forget you.

While you don’t come back, I’m dropped to the moths … Damn feeling that never ends.

Music Quotes: Funk

No one can stand still when a funk starts! These are the most successful songs when they play in the club. With that in mind, we have selected the best funk quotes for you to put on your playlist right now and get ready for the next party. Check it out:

In life there may be thousands, but none will be like you!

ô, baby, I like you more than me.

Before you, I was from the world. Gratitude, my princess, changed my head, just made me grow!

To wonder if we are an accident, if it was by chance that the kiss rolled …

Talk to your father that I don’t want money, I already have the wealth that is you!

is connected to those who play your hand and who you call partner.

and congratulations to you who made me understand that my passion is not you!

I change the star for a kiss from you, I change that moon for your gaze. I stop living my paradise, my truth is you, my home.

Look where I came to stop. Once again, the heart fell in love with the wrong person.

I didn’t give you openness, so it doesn’t come with confidence!

Pros Perreco is bye, for envy is bye. Once it was, it was …

It must be God’s thing in front of me, because in so many mouths, our fit!

I want you, love, under my blanket!

I’m already warning that I don’t have a boyfriend … Din Din Din, you can go on me!

Don’t stop, give a wiggle. Notice, look at this girl …

In the Page-Pega joke and don’t cling to you got my heart …

Time is enemy, flying, but I don’t care, I follow you caressing you!

aff, today I’m disgusting, I arrived to roll and roll and roll.

does not label me, do not fall into a right box. Respect me if you want respect!

If you want to play, come, but you have to risk it, come, it will be yes or no …

Music Quotes: Rap

In this category you will find rap quotes of the moment, which convey protest messages, reflection and various other subjects. Check it out and share the one you most identify with!

Time shows our direction.

Life made me like this, enemy near the end, I saw up close who runs for me.

By seven seas I flew, more than seven loves loved it. More than seven lives I spent, at 21 I found you!

It is no use looking at heaven with much faith and little fight.

is that I am from the world, in my life I send.

Money in your pocket, God in the heart, united family and champagne to brothers.

long life, small world, we will still meet.

Who never caught this life also does not know how to defend themselves.

Our destination is a surprise box.

Life is sacrifice, close your eyes and surrender.

so beautiful, it makes me crazy than drips!

Who has the courage to talk about love? Who has the courage to be what it is not?

You can only talk about love who loves.

Some gathering enemy, others gathering money, always has one to test your faith.

I have told you a thousand times for you to change. The other time I said comes here, but now I don’t think it will give!

God helps, it is true, go in faith, not in luck.

Wherever you are, whatever, have faith, because even in the dump is born flower.

Everything I ask for in life is to be blessed, that every year without you bring me another 10 years on your side.

The worst prison, thief, is that of mind!

Nothing in this life is impossible for me, I was born to conquer.

Quotes of romantic songs

Declare all your love with quotes of romantic songs and make your partner even more in love! The quotes we have selected are perfect to touch the heart of the loved one and say how special it is! Share right now.

You are eternal luck tide!

I don’t love you like yesterday, I love it a thousand times more!

With you, I make plans and I’m not afraid to regret…

By your side I can be who I am!

I’m morally in heaven, I’m. There’s an angel calling me love!

I just want to be happy, with you and no one else…

Just to appear in the records out there, that all my love is yours!

I could delight any other pair of ears, not having you here with me anymore, but I don’t want to!

is crazy that I will advertise you, this is not afraid to lose you, love … It’s dread. It’s mine, I really take care, ready and it’s over!

My love, please come to live with me. Your lap is my shelter …

I’m just looking and confirming that I love you so much!

We are so much, that the rest is so little!

Life harmonizes when I see you.

If you talk about love, I will always remember you.

You fell in love, hallucinated, unzipped my heart!

What if I say that you are everything I always wanted to be happy?

Come to my life, come, that I don’t want anything else or anyone…

I have dreams and in all my plans have you!

You look like melody, with every verse of mine, with every laugh, you have you!

Impossible not to remember our love, the trajectory, tattooed my heart, in my life made history!

And so, in your body I was rain. Good way to find.

It’s in your smile that my kiss wants to live!

Music Quotes for Photos

It’s amazing when we find the perfect caption for our photos, and some excerpts of songs fit very well in these situations. See here music quotes to caption your photos and make them even more special!

Good life, breeze and peace!

The world is very small and life is too short.

make life what it can best be.

My mind says does not give up, resist and insist on living!

I prefer to have peace than to be right!

Yesterday I learned that tomorrow is another day!

Have within your heart purity and truth!

On the outside sweet, but inside treacherous!

I heard that it was only sad who wanted!

Life is not easy, it is do it!

I decided to dream beyond the bed, time does not expect who wait for the time!

The universe conspires in our favor!

I already lost trying to find myself!

What guilt do we have to be happy?

If it wasn’t the damage, it wouldn’t be me!

I have faith to walk!

When it’s to happen, it has day, place and has time!

and now I don’t even know what my place is!

The fear of falling cannot be greater than the passion of flying!

I’m a fan of the turns that the world gives!

Did you think it was over here? Of course not! We have selected our other list of country music quotes for you to continue discovering excerpts that fit what you are living. Be sure to check it out!

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