110 Easter 2024 messages to sweeten the lives of those you love

Easter is a very special date! For Christian religious, it means the resurrection of Christ by opening the door to the salvation of humanity, it is time for renewal, peace and sharing love. For those who do not have such beliefs, bumping into sweets is an option. Wish “Happy Easter” with beautiful Easter quotes and reflect on the true meaning of this celebration!

Short Easter Quotes

The 1st Easter has taught us that life never ends and love never dies. Happy Easter!

May this Easter all feel the goodness of Jesus in their hearts!

Easter: Resurrection of love and the will to be happy in Christ!

“The Spirit of the one who raised Jesus among the dead dwells in you.” Happy Easter!

Many chocolates for all sweetened with the best wishes for Happy Easter and Renewal of Faith!

More than chocolate exchanges, Easter is a second chance life gives you.

Christ lives, live in you! That he resurrects areas of life that were under the rule of death. Happy Easter!

80 reais an Easter egg!? What comes inside? A job?

The resurrection of Christ is another proof that love and life are eternal. Happy Easter!

Easter is a time of restarts. Rewrite your story!


Easter Bunny, what do you bring to me? 1 kilo, 2 pounds, 3 pounds like this!

In this Easter, that the sorrows are transformed into candy smiles!

When Improving Easter Eggs, which you open to a new experience of faith more tasty than chocolate!

I change my iPhone for an Easter egg.

Saturday of Hallelujah, Easter Sunday and Monday of despair.

At Easter, I thought of those who resurrect my mood in the midst of the routine and remembered you. May God remain acting through your life!

Easter: It is time to rejoice and thank the gift of life!

He paved the way to life because he is the way.

Easter quotes for Instagram

It is not a rabbit. It is about the Lamb of God that he died to give eternal life and resurfaced as a Lion to always reign. Happy Easter!

This date is a reminder that hope is never lost. Regardless of how dark the road is, you will always find light; Persist. Happy Easter!

Jesus was born as a baby, preached as a child, died like a man, resurfaced victorious and returned as king.

I’m already doing the math here and … In this Easter, it will have to be a chicken egg!

Because of Easter, there is triumph in hope, there is life in abundance … There is victory!

Death did not have the final word. Life in person has resurfaced to make everyone eternal.

In Easter, the greatest power of Jesus Christ is not to resurrect the dead, but to resurrect the living.

Easter must be reflected, must have a purpose within us. The time is now! It’s time to be reborn.

What seemed defeat, became the biggest victory: our cross is now a path of redemption.

Easter is a time when God has transformed the inevitability of death into the invincibility of life.

I don’t know if I buy an Easter egg or an apartment facing the sea.

The seed of life was planted in a tomb, died to generate in us the fruits of eternal life. Happy Easter!

Easter says you can put the truth in the grave, but it won’t be there.

The crisis is so ugly that I asked, “Easter bunny, what do you bring to me?” He visualized, did not answer and still blocked me.

Blessed are those who did not see and believed.

On Easter Day, the veil between time and eternity was torn. Thanks to Christ, we no longer die, we enter the true life.

We announce the resurrection of Christ when your light illuminates the dark moments of our life … with our attitude, with our testimony, with our lives, we say: Jesus is risen!

It took the world to sink into darkness, love to die to value the light. May Christ enlighten everyone and show us the way that will lead us to eternal life!

Today teaches us that without passion of passion, there is no Easter of the resurrection. Without cross days, there is no salvation.

Children’s Easter Quotes

Sweet really is to have you with me in this Easter, my bunny. Happy day!

This year, let the Easter bunny be generous with you! May he bring you many chocolates and a lot of peace on this special date.

May your Easter be sweet as the Easter eggs that will earn from friends and family.

Happy Easter for the sweetest bunny that makes my heart jump with joy!

Easter Bunny, fill this child’s heart with much love, faith and hope in eternal life … But don’t forget that she loves chocolate!

What is it, what is it? Is it cute than that hairy tail pet with large ears that visit us today? You!

Dear child, that your Easter is as sweet as your smile!

In this blessed Easter, that the cute bunnies bring you all the chocolates you deserve!

Happy Easter! May the sweet visit from the bunny delight and join your family today and always!

Did anyone say “sweet”? Get ready for a beautiful and sugary Easter, small! After all, every chocolate reminds us how sweet Jesus is and lives for you.

Happy Easter, my cutest bunny! Many chocolates for you, just don’t forget that the true meaning of the celebration is to share.

May Jesus Christ reign in his heart, showing that chocolates are just a complement to this special and commemorative date.

I passed to leave my affection and an Easter egg to sweeten your life! Have a blessed Sunday.

Are your ears burning? Because Jesus and some bunny is thinking of you and wishing a happy Easter!

For you, an Easter full of affection and great blessings! This Sunday, may joy be present in your heart.

May the egg hunt remind you that love is everywhere. May this Easter leave the sweetest memories! I love you more than chocolate, my bunny.

Why is the Easter Bunny is not so lucky? Because he is not as cute as you!

Thank you for making my life as beautiful as Easter! Enjoy the sweetness of this day! That daddy from heaven sweeten your life with many dreams!

Biblical Easter Quotes

He’s not here! Risen!

Because I know that my redeemer lives, and that finally he will rise upon the earth.

and said to all: If anyone wants to come after me, deny himself, and take his cross every day, and follow me.

Jesus said unto him, I am resurrection and life; Whoever believes in me, even if he is dead, will live; And everyone who lives, and believes in me, will never die. You do this?

Because just as death came through a man, also the resurrection of the dead came by a man.

and you you had the prince of life, to which God has risen among the dead, what we are witnesses

Because God loved the world in such a way that he gave his only begotten Son, that everyone who believes in him will not perish, but have eternal life.

If so we were united with Him in the similarity of his death, we will certainly be also in the similarity of his resurrection.

But God proves His love to us, in which Christ died for us, we are still sinners.

As soon as someone is in Christ, a new creature is; Old things have passed; Behold, everything has been new.

But the angel, answering, said to women, “Be not afraid; For I know that you seek Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here, because he has risen, as he had said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.

All I want is to know Christ and feel the power of his resurrection in me. I also want to take part in your sufferings and become like Him in your death, with the hope that I myself be resurrected from death to life.

For we know that our old man has been crucified with him, so that the body of sin will be destroyed, and we are no longer slaves of sin.

will annihilate death forever, and thus wipe the Lord God the tears of all faces, and shall take away the reproach of his people from all the earth; because the Lord said.

For he rescued us from the dominion of darkness and transported us to the kingdom of his beloved son, in whom we have redemption, namely the forgiveness of sins.

The language of the cross is crazy to those who get lost, but for those who have been saved, for us, it is a divine force.

Now, God, who also rose to the Lord, will be raised to us by His power.

No one has greater love than this, of giving someone your life for your friends.

Easter quotes with chocolate

Easter eggs are hollow, as are the tomb to symbolize that Christ has risen. May the sweetness of chocolate record you from the delights of eternal life that are prepared for us!

That the sweetness, presented by the Easter Bunny, is always present in your life!

When eating chocolates, remember the sweetness of the one who gave life for each of us.

When you taste chocolates, remember that the Easter egg symbolizes our ability to break the protective and hardened shell with which we surround us.

For others, eggs are just chocolate. For you, let it be all the affection needed to resurrect in the midst of the routine, remembering those who love your company. Happy Easter!

May your Easter be sweet as the Easter eggs that will earn from friends and family.

May your Easter be as sweet as the chocolate eggs you will earn from friends and family!

Not all the chocolate in the world can compare to your presence, but it’s already a good start. Happy Easter!

All you need is love to resurrect your soul. In addition to that given by Christ, today he came in the form of chocolate. Happy Easter!

When opening the chocolate eggs, remember who broke the arrest of death to give you the sweetness of eternal life. Happy Easter

May your happiness multiply more than bunnies and chocolates at this time of year. Happy Easter

The Easter Bunny comes to you, with many chocolates, endless happiness.

Happy Easter! This is a renewal date, to prove the greatest love we have ever received and receive.

In this egg hunt, remember that there is someone who died for loving you and looks for you with a sweet love than all the chocolate in the world! Happy Easter!

For the price of chocolate, who is preparing the Easter eggs is the golden egg chicken, not the bunny!

Trickster is the Easter rabbit, which fills you with chocolate and is only in the carrot!

A chocolate for those who sweeten my life with love. Happy Easter

May these chocolates melt your heart with love and remember the sweetness of a God who died of love for you. Have a blessed Easter!

Easter quotes for customers

Easter is a time of rebirth and there is no one who gives us more reasons to be reborn than you, client. Happy Easter! Count on us with every restart.

That resurrection Sunday prepares a second of restarts with you, customer, by our side. Happy Easter!

Easter is an excellent date to thank those who also give life in abundance in our business. Happy Easter, customers!

Easter rescues hope in the hearts. Because he lives, we can start over with you by our side. Happy Day, Dear Customer

What do you want Easter bunny to give you in this new time? Tell us. Our satisfaction is to do. Stay blessed and happy Easter.

Easter is a subtle reminder that we have customers who make our work worthwhile.

Today nothing sweeter than having you as a customer. Happy Easter!

When opening Easter eggs, you remember how much your life matters to God and us. Count on us to keep your smile on your face!

Hope is risen! Our company wishes you vows of new life. We are here for

Easter Bunny, what do you bring to me? New in business to offer the best customers like this. Have a sweet celebration, customers!

May Easter joy and hope fill your heart and bring success to your professional enterprises. Thank you for your partnership and hope to continue working together in the future.

If the bunny was not so generous with you this year, don’t worry. Our company is here to sweeten your life with many news. Happy Easter!

The stone has rolled, let the new life come in Christ in every way! We are here to make days better possible. Happy Easter!

That Easter renews its dreams and arouses its spirit to the new life that it longs. Our mission is to serve you. Happy Easter!

Why is the Easter Bunny is not so lucky? Because it has no wonderful customers like you!

Renewal, Hope, Life … Today we remember who motivates our walk, besides you, dear client. Happy Easter!

Easter rescues the memory of what is worth spending life. For us, thank God, this person is you. Have a blessed day

A bunny told us that there is someone deserving more than chocolate … Count on our company to sweeten their journey throughout the year! Happy Easter!

May you be reborn in Christ daily, with the certainty that He gave you your life so that you recognize true affection even in the little things.

To continue celebrating with the best votes, see also these Easter quotes for children who sweeten the lives of the little ones!

And may the resurrection be forever remembered as the greatest proof of love given by Jesus, in the hope of a better and more just world.

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