100 short photo alone messages that represent who you are

Do you know that perfect photo you want to post? It can be even more amazing with a caption that translates what you are feeling. They can be words about strength, freedom, self-esteem or whatever else in your heart. Find the perfect photo phrase for your record with short quotes for photo alone. Check it out and rock the posts!

Short photo citations alone that will make you shine on social networks

If the day is cloudy, I will be my own sun.

I just want to live what speeds my heart.

There is no easy way for those who choose to live their truth.

Be you and take love where life leads you.

With eyes on the goal, I will never give up on my dreams.

I like the simple life, the easy smiles and the lightness of my days.

My smile is my light against the darkness of life.

The best of life is to realize that you are the only author of your happiness.

The best moments of life are the ones you are 100% delivered.

What left, if it was because it was time.

It does not live in half and does not understand who can not surrender.

I remember the past with gratitude because he gave me the strength to get here.

One step at a time and happiness is built in my routine.

There is still a lot to walk, but I’m happy to where I arrived.

Beautiful is the woman who learned to really love himself.

I don’t need to be in a hurry, I just need to know where to go.

One step at a time towards self-love.

Whether it is light regardless of climate, day or time.

I do good because I believe the world becomes the small actions.

Being happy is all I know and I will continue to be.

No one will spoil my happiness because you don’t have this power.

I only know the luggage I carry and the fights I have already crashed.

The beginning is difficult, but if you do not give up, you will find everything you have always sought.

Who chooses to color life is you. Long live the most intense colors!

For those who believe in colors, life never becomes black and white.

Every woman brings a smile on her face and a thousand secrets in her heart.

You have no other chance, life is not a game.

I feel good on my skin and I love every piece of my body.

And heaven will be your house, will fly with your wings.

LET’S LIVE, LOVED … What matters is our joy.

she is strong and smiles because she knows she is able to overcome all the battles of life.

The smile is the rainbow of the face.

I’m mine, only mine, not who you want.

I never feel alone because I love my own company.

Sadness has no end, happiness yes.

I’m my only muse, the subject I know best.

Freedom is to be well being alone.

Let me play being happy!

I leave my faith guide, I know that one day I get there!

her dreams make her fly and she decided she wants to go louder.

Let’s live everything that is to live, let’s allow ourselves!

The world ends today and I will be dancing.

I won’t please everyone, but this is not my life goal.

There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.

put your soul in everything, be what you are!

When you decide that you no longer affect you, everything starts to improve.

For the blue wave add only what is good, the rest will pass.

shining life, smiling for nothing. Just vibrating love and peace!

Follow your dreams and write the story you want for your life.

Who lives in dream is bakery!

I live to be happy, I don’t live to be common.

There is nothing wrong with being vulnerable from time to time.

Let me tell you, I’m the type who can’t decipher.

Nothing I went to dress now.

The world will be mine because that’s what I want for my life.

I go to life, I let life take me.

playful even seriously, an open book full of mysteries.

It was late and helped me find that I know how to be happy alone.

Who sees me, sees me smiling and will always be like this.

I want to thank and be what I was born to do!

Invest more time in you and what makes your smile shine.

I stopped complaining, life will pass, I won’t be in this one!

From now on, every day it will be the most important!

It adapts easy because you know that there is no time to lose.

For her, there is no bad time.

grow, no matter what happens.

It carries in the heart so much love and only need to learn to share it with the right people.

speaks badly about me, but wants to have my life!

Has the strange habit of having faith in life.

Tomorrow will be a new day and God will make me smile once again.

ô Sol, see if you don’t forget and illuminate me …

Today nobody will ruin my day.

Life is easier when you trust your club.

she’s loose, so much that he arrested.

As you love yourself is how you teach everyone to love you.

You can only tell your story. Be her protagonist.

I leave the sadness and bring hope in its place.

Joy is not in things, it is in us.

Everything that comes from the heart, captivates me immediately.

Life is very important to be taken seriously.

Life has choices and the right thing is not to be afraid to make mistakes!

I’m much more emotion than reason, but I’m learning to balance.

There are flowers in everything I see.

Greater than the sadness of not being overcome is the shame of not fighting!

She wanted to be free and cut from her life everyone who prevented her from flying.

Beauty starts the moment you decide to be yourself.

I have no time for anything else, being happy consumes me a lot.

When gratitude springs in the heart, life turns into a beautiful garden.

Just what we are really has the power to heal us.

is focus, strength and faith… courage and heart.

Living requires a lot of us, so some people only let life lead them.

and I don’t change my posture just to please you.

One day without laughing is a wasted day.

Be kind to yourself because life is already too hard with you.

Happiness is in simple things!

Being happy for no reason is the most authentic form of happiness.

she is too much, but is learning to welcome and celebrate.

You will laugh without realizing it. Happiness is just a matter of being.

I effort to be better every day, because goodness is also learned.

The path is long, but I don’t get tired easy.

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