100 couple tattoo messages to immortalize your love on your skin

There is no doubt that tattooing is a work of art that expresses and eternalizes numerous feelings and emotions. This way there is nothing better than turning love into art and sharing it with those you love in a special way. So how about checking out these inspiring quotes for couplet tattoo stuffed with romance, passion and affection?

Casal Tattoo Quotes that overflow partnership and complicity

Love greater than the world, to infinity forever.

love of my life. From here to eternity.

You are my sun … and you are my light.

that your sea always gives me to me.

There is no reason not to be forever.

Hold my hand. You will have to take care of me. It is your heart. If you are my pair.

Words Can’t Say What Love Can Do. (Words cannot say what love can do.)

And there is nothing to compare, so that I can explain to you. How great is my love for you!

Life is done to those who love yourself!

Don’t be afraid, life is ours!

You only see well with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.

I will love you from January to January, until the world is over.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy! (Don’t worry, be happy!)

Your hug is my home and your heart is my shelter.

As long as I exist you will never be alone!

Our love was made out of standard.

always yours. Always mine. Always ours!

We have our own time.

to infinity and beyond! (Infinity and beyond!)

Your smile makes my soul dance.

makes yourself feel, it makes sense!

It is us who write our own novel.

You always for me. Me for you always!

I will share my only life with you.

be the one to guide me, but never leave me. (Be the only one to guide me, but never leave me.)

Your love gives me courage!

Everything happens for some reason!

Your love is not in the air … it’s in me!

declares yourself before the world is over!

I love you, finally, with great freedom, within eternity and every moment.

you are my reason. (You are my reason.)

The sound of your laughter is my favorite melody.

When it is to happen, the destination makes the run.

My world for when I see you.

won me, will have to take me.

Your smile is a paradise where I wanted to be.

I’LL be there for you. (I’ll be there for you)

Love takes us to grandia.

My light in the darkness. My calm, my judgment.

Infinity is little for both of us.

In everything there is a purpose!

When I look at you is all that matters.

you and me Together Forever. (You and me together forever.)

I’m hostage to your heart … Please don’t let me go!

Light that brings me peace!

Piece of Dream that makes my want to wake up to life!

Giving up is not an option!

Love of my life, my reason to continue!

i am here with you. (I’m here with you.)

The peace of my days is you, love.

dreams of me all the time.

You are the reason for every smile of mine.

It takes love to be able to pulse.

I loved you for a thousand years. I will love you for another thousand!

you Keep Safe me. (You keep me safe.)

Our romance will be a long story.

for each other …

That love and faith never lack to continue.

We are imperfect, but perfect for each other!

Love, you are my religion!

Love and Light in My Life. (Love and Light in my life.)

Finding You made the whole journey worthwhile.

Make you happy for a lifetime!

Our whole universe lies in the eyes of those we love.

let us be infinite everything that makes us good.

You are now the most important thing in the world for me.

Wherever You Are, I Will Be With You. (Wherever you are, I will be with you.)

My destination is one: Living by your side!

The magic of connecting and the luck to match.

You and me forever break the world!

Wherever I want to be your pair.

Two hearts, one made.

One and Only Love. (First and only love.)

I’m half of his orange … and me half of her orange.

In your smile today I want to live. In having hug I found my peace.

May eternity be our greatest ally!

love, respect, wisdom, happiness and us!

We consider it fair for all form of love.

we are waves of the same sea. (We are waves of the same sea.)

soul mate there is and you are mine!

Between me and me, I prefer us.

Life would not be grace without my love.

We have a soul thing!

You are the light that guides me in this dark world …

Happiness is only real when shared. (Happiness is only real when shared.)

To love you every day is what is worth it.

What is missing in me is in you!

You are the missing piece in the puzzle of my life.

Never forget how much I love you. (Neoqeav)

every verse will be to tell you that I know that I will love you for all my life.

my Sun and Stars. Moon of My Life. (My sun and stars. Moon of my life.)

The brightness of your eyes is the flashlight of my life.

a mission at all costs.

I want to follow your steps to the ends of time.

To love is not to look at each other. To love is to look together in the same direction.

You are my greatest purpose!

Together Thru Life. (Together for life.)

You have the love I need to survive!

You returned me life.

It was already written me and you.

Love itself is the most beautiful work of art in life and sharing it with someone arouses the best side of each person. Therefore, undermining this feeling on the skin is so special.

And it doesn’t matter if the expression of this affection is transcribed into words or image, see? Art on the skin speaks alone and conveys the exact message of the meanings and significance of each couple.

Also, if you visit the tattoo artist you also decide to make an individual art, be sure to be inspired by these impactful and beautiful quotes for tattoo full of charm and personality!

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