100 cool messages for photos that will make your feed more beautiful

Looking for inspiring messages to put in the caption of your clicks? Sharing special moments on networks get better when you find the right words for what you want to convey. If you need inspiration, it came to the right place. Check out cool photos for photos that will make your feed perfect!

Short Quotes for Photos

I am guided by my dreams.

I always go beyond. I am not limited, I overflow!

Happiness is when your freedom fills you.

Never save kindness, smiles and good humor.

If your heart is good, your whole body is light.

Freedom is to be without anyone’s permission.

prayer in prayer, we will win.

Be the energy you want to attract.

love and change things interest me more.

Traveling within you is seeking peace!

For those who have faith, life never has an end.

Luck is to be ready when the opportunity comes.

Leave behind what doesn’t take you forward.

Always in front, we don’t have time to waste.

Notice well what I don’t say.

Life is from those who dare to live.

Life is only possible reinvented.

Love is the most subtle force in the world.

Who you want to have around.

True knowledge comes from within.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Do more what you love!

Every second is time to change everything forever.

Breathe deep: ahead still has a lot of world.

Do not put limits on your dreams, put faith.

Legal citations for photos alone

In life, be it like a sunflower: always follow the light.

She is like this: Dreamer, determined, resilient, full of faith!

To be able to live love, you have to love yourself first.

intense by nature, laughter and love!

It is pure caffeine, a routine mix with a little adrenaline and adventure.

I am made of love. Where there is space, I grow. If they suffocate me, I suffer. When I look for me, I appear. If there is reciprocity, flowers.

One day I decided to change, and do everything I wanted to do.

loose hair, wind on the face, the sound connected, God by my side!

I love the woman I became, because I fought to be her.

Do not seek to be better for anyone. If it is changing, let it be for you.

and just like spring, I let myself cut to come stronger.

My love, I’m already another and, being another, I’m not yours anymore.

I will embrace what life always reserves me good!

No woman must forget that she doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her.

If today she is spring is because she knew how to go through winter.

She was looking for flowers without knowing that spring lived inside her.

That nothing defines us, that nothing subjects us. May freedom be our own substance, since living is being free.

May everything be light in such a way that time never lights.

To live is not to wait for the storm to pass. Is learning to dance in the rain.

All those who are clutching my way, they will pass … I go through!

I leave my faith guide, I know that one day I get there. Because God made me like this, owner of me.

When you believe you, it is impossible not to flourish.

I am that woman whom the time taught a lot.

Get out of the way or be part of the trip.

My essence is to change: it is not enough to be Rio, if I can be sea.

Quotes for photos smiling

she anticipated: it was to be happy before the end.

her smile is different from everyone. She smiles with her eyes, smiles with her soul!

Decorate your soul with sincere smiles.

Let us not lose this boldness to try to be happy every day!

When the soul smiles sincerely, life colors it whole.

She is of exaggeration. In strength, smile, love and faith.

I learned that sometimes it is better to be happy than being right.

Being happy for no reason is the most authentic form of happiness.

Living and not being ashamed to be happy!

When we stretched the smile a little, the problems shrink.

If you obey all the rules, it loses the fun.

But crazy is the one who tells me and is not happy. I’m happy!

If it is to have a crisis, that is laughing.

Happiness is when the mouth is too small for the smile that the soul wants to give.

You will laugh without realizing it, happiness is just a matter of being.

Blessed be our every day smile.

It takes love to be able to pulse, it takes peace to be able to smile.

Smile without camera, talk without cell phone, help without audience, love without conditions.

That the desire to be happy is always greater than the fear of getting hurt.

Your smile can change someone’s day.

Be happy or not, a matter of talent.

Never give up on the things that make you smile.

A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.

Sometimes the peace of a smile can disarm a war.

Smile releases the soul and brings lightness to the heart!

Reflection Quotes for Photos

Being at peace is the best gift you can give yourself.

The universe conspires in favor of those who do not conspire against anyone.

May only the sincere things and feelings good, nothing more than the essentials.

If you cannot change your destiny, change your attitude.

Be calm. There are already too many people being a storm!

good things come to those who expect.

Who I went to get me anymore, my soul gained new robes.

Happiness is only real when it is shared.

Who looks out, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.

He who does not fight for the future he desires will have to accept the future that comes.

Without judging, without supposing, without inventing, without grudge. More love, please!

The more light I allow inside me, the brighter the world becomes.

Blessing is the inner peace no one can take.

You are never too old to define a new goal or dream a new dream.

The art of being crazy is never to commit the madness of being a normal subject.

It’s forward that you walk! The past has a good reason to have stayed there.

Happiness is to preserve energy for things that are worth it.

You have to know what lights the light on you so that in your own way, you can illuminate the world.

No matter the color of the sky, the beautiful day is you.

There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.

This wanting to be exactly what we are will still take us beyond.

Being light is not about shine, it is about lighting paths.

Happiness is for those who are enough for oneself.

You cannot change the wind, but you can adjust the candles of the boat to get where you want.

The climb is not easy, but the view of the top is worth it.

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