100 beautiful messages to make everything even more wonderful

Have you ever wondered how to improve someone’s day? Well, know that beautiful quotes are perfect for sharing reflections and giving a special touch to the daily life of those you really like! Enjoy this amazing selection and check out the most beautiful words to warm the hearts of everyone who deserves your affection.

Beautiful quotes of love

If you miss you, it’s because there is still love!

If someone, for some reason, injured you, forgive! The heart thanks.

Each one loves in his own way, as long as he loves.

The distance may even separate two people, but it will never separate the passion that exists between them.

Love is like opening the doors of your heart to occupy it.

The most precious things in life are felt only by the heart.

What we do for love will certainly be rewarded.

Stronger than winds, it changes thought. Deeper than the seas, heals feelings. Love changes us inside.

You make me believe in love and your sweet developments.

What we think to be love was just the beginning, every moment we spent together we discovered a new way of loving.

Poor is love that does not share.

Little things become big when done with love.

Carry with it only what is good. The essential is simple and cherishes the heart.

privileged are those who enjoyed the tenderness of a passion.

Small is the love that needs to be proved daily.

Beautiful is when two looks intersect and two smiles appear.

Never say you love without assuring yourself of what you really feel.

love and be corresponded: privilege of few!

The heart has reasons that reason itself is unaware of.

Love is the only thing that grows as you share.

Beautiful citations for status

The future is made of our dreams.

True joy is the one that is stored on the left side of the chest.

The only thing that really matters on a difficult journey is to take the first step.

The less one person has, the more he understands how much he needs to share.

Happiness is the simplest of feelings.

For those who have faith, heaven is not limit.

These are not the beautiful things that mark our lives, but the people who have the gift of never being forgotten.

Promise yourself that you will have an amazing life and the universe will understand the message.

I’m not better than anyone, but I try to be better than myself every day.

Life was made to be lived, not to die of fear.

Happy people are those who know how to enjoy the little moments.

Surround yourself with light people, who say simple words that take you the floor.

build the future as a child builds a drawing: colorful, creative and full of life!

Beautiful is to be good with life.

How about pointing out your fingers and holding your hands more?

The bad news is that time flies. The good thing is that you are the pilot.

When we change the way things are changed, things change shape.

appearance you see, essence feels.

Solidarity is love in motion.

I believe that the meaning of life is making sense to other lives.

Beautiful Quotes for Photos

The best weapon against the enemy is the smile!

I know every day, when I wake up, God smiles and tells me: I’m giving you a chance to try again!

Blessed are those who take the weight of life and carry everything with a smile on their soul.

Dreams and hopes have everything to come true if you believe in them.

All your suffering will be relieved by the joys that tomorrow will bring.

Beauty without nothing to offer is the same as a beautiful gift: it pleases us at first, but once opened us disappoints.

Each sun’s dawn is a blessing from God for the day that dawns.

That life brings good news and wide away from the opposite of this.

Life is not measured by the amount of times we breathe, but by the moments that take our breath.

What you have different is what you have the most beautiful.

Love your life and all the people who roam this journey with you.

We could write a beautiful phrase here, tell our story, write songs, poetry and verses. But nothing would be enough to describe this unique moment we will live, because there would always be one more line, one more stanza, one more detail.

When my life is over, I want to make sure I did everything I could and wanted to the best possible way.

AME. Change opinion. Read more. Reze, believe me. Have friends. Be patient. Dating. Have a good time. Cry. He used to smile. Dream. Work. Sleep. Wake up. Relax. Be happy. Make plans. Forgive. Live intensely!

No matter the color of the sky, the beautiful day is you.

Prefer the smile, it is good for you and those around you. Give laugh at everything, yourself. Do not guard joys. Be happy today!

If a look is worth a thousand words, a smile is worth a thousand paragraphs.

Here is only good. If you want me evil, I wish you love.

We don’t always have a reason for everything. Just feel and enjoy the moment.

There is no beauty that replaces the charm of loading with class your imperfections.

Beautiful English quotes

Always be Proud of Who You are. (Always be proud of who you are.)

Worry About Being Happy, Not About Trying To Be Remarkable. (Worry about being happy, not trying to be extraordinary.)

live what you love. (Live what you love.)

I’ve Got To Be True To MySelf. (I have to be true to myself.)

life’s Too short to have reggats. (Life is too short for regrets.)

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life. (Always see the good side of life.)

Whatever is good for your soul, from that. (Whatever is good for your soul, do it.)

love the one you’re with. (Love who is by your side.)

be Good to Yourself Because Nobody Else has the power to make you happy. (Be good for yourself, because no one else has the power to make you happy.)

you’ll have the view of the top of the mountain that you climb. (You will have the view of the mountain that rise.)

I Don’t Trust Words, I Trust Actions. (I don’t trust words, I trust actions.)

Everyday is a New Beginning. Take a Deep Breath and Start Again. (Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath and start again.)

Live Your Life To the FullSt While You Can. (Live your life to the fullest while you can).

Life is Better When You’re Laughing. (Life is better when you are laughing.)

Maybe We Found Love Right Where We Are. (Maybe we find love exactly where we are.)

if you can Dream, You Can Achieve. (If you can dream, you can get it.)

Dream Without Fear, Love Without Limits. (Dream without fear, love without limits.)

Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn. (Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.)

time is a valuable thing. (Time is a valuable thing.)

Another Day, Another Blessing, Another Chance of Life. (Another day, another blessing, another chance of life.)

Beautiful girlfriend quotes

Your existence gives me strength to exist as well.

You are my destination, my safe haven.

The true value of a relationship is not how much it lasts, but the intensity with which we live it.

Looking at you is the true happiness of my days.

When we like it, of course we take care!

Even if the sky ceases to be blue and the whole world change, I will keep loving you.

The good feelings you awaken me accompany me all the time.

After all, we are one. Together we suffer, together we exist, and forever we will recreate each other.

Our love is like a planted tree that will in due time be your best fruits, and whose leaves will never wither.

Together, there are no stars that we cannot achieve, no dreams that we cannot realize!

By your side Happiness is a certainty.

Give me your hand and I will not care about the distance to be traveled. We will continue together as far as there is life.

I love this genuine feeling that we nourish each other.

Among the most beautiful things in life, we discover ourselves and love each other. And it is for this reason that we will become one meat.

Beautiful is being the reason for someone’s smile.

The best part of my day is the moment I find you.

Nowhere is better than close.

Complicity is knowing that if there is someone to share what we cannot carry alone.

I don’t change your affection for any other in this world.

I feel an artist every time I imagine you, I paint you in my dreams and photograph in my memory your smile.

It’s amazing how a beautiful phrase is able to thrill us, isn’t it? This is because they arouse the good feelings that are often dormant.

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Negative opinions remain distant and that only positive thoughts are present at this time.

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