86 feelings messages for you to learn to deal with them and mature

Release what is inside you using the right words! We are moved by what we feel, we are sad, happy, passionate or confused. It is a whirlwind of emotions and feelings that surround us. There are times that we need to express all this, either through quotes of love or even sadness. Thinking about it, we select citations of feelings that fit the most varied situations.

Quotes of injured feelings that still hurt

Sometimes circumstances and people hurt our feelings and, at these times, we need to express ourselves and unload what is stuck in the chest. In this category, you will check citations that relieve this emotional charge.

I’m sorry for you to feel so little.

Everyone is able to master a pain except who feels it.

I can’t understand to exchange for someone else…

Our love has died, and life continues.

Feeling going out, and the words hiding for no one to get hurt.

Just the time to say what will happen in my life without you. How will it be? Will I forget you or regret not trying to love you?

I just accept the condition of having you just for me, I know, not so, but let me pretend and laugh.

Half of our mistakes in life are born that we feel when we should think and think when we should feel.

Being wounded generates feelings of hatred against those who injured it, inevitably. But when we hurt other people, we have to deal with their hatred against us, and our feelings of guilt.

The worst pains are not the feelings that die, but those who kill.

When we hurt, blood gushes through the wound, but when it is the heart that is wounded, the feeling gushes through the eyes.

The hurt of a wounded feeling hurts as much as the cutting of the wire of a razor that bleeds for days.

To keep resentment is to take poison and wait for the other person to die.

says that saying that those with iron, with iron will be injured. However, they forgot to say that every wound is healed over time, just do not poke.

Pride appears when we are afraid of suffering or expressing a feeling.

Quotes of love feelings for a passionate heart

Love is one of the most beautiful and deep feelings we can have. Tell everyone how much you love and are in love!

And that of all feelings, love prevails.

Love, I miss you, and the lack is the death of hope.

There is no more beautiful feeling than love. When true, love can overcome all barriers, all difficulties.

Who knows one day, by carelessness or poetry, you like to stay.

Don’t require love, just give good reasons for you to like you!

Love is just a word, but not a thousand of them come close to what I feel for you.

Love is a force that transforms fate.

Since I met you, I feel like walking with small wings on my shoes, as if my stomach is full of butterflies.

I can’t even say what I feel for you anymore. If it’s love, if it’s friendship, if it’s passion … but strongly suspect it’s all together!

As soon as love entered the middle, the middle became love.

Among many other things, you were for me a window through which I could see the streets. Alone could not do it.

In so many feelings must have something they serve.

I made my feelings the bed where I lie down with the desire to love you every day.

Love is a disease. I feel nauseous, fevers, muscle aches. I wake up scared in the middle of the night. I cry for nothing.

Quotes of good feelings for amazing days

Having good feelings can change our way of living life. In this category, you will be able to fill yourself with good things and continue the walk in peace.

Value who walks by your side at all times.

Happiness exists, but contrary to what people believe, it is not a place or time, it is someone.

It is not the strength of high feeling, it is their duration that makes superior men.

Empathy: Feel what the other feels.

We know how to say what we know how to feel.

Life is a play, which does not allow rehearsals. So sing, dance, laugh and live intensely, before the curtain is close and the piece ends without applause.

As if silence said everything, a good feeling that takes me to another world.

The most beautiful is what is inside.

I think we should do something forbidden – if we suffocate. But without feeling of guilt, but as a warning that we are free.

The first step to a good feeling and for a lasting relationship is respect.

The biggest mistake of human beings is to try to get out of the head what does not leave the heart.

Any child awakens me two feelings: tenderness for what he is and respect for what he may be.

You will have so many good things in your life that there will be no room for any bad feeling.

dance is to feel, feel is suffering, suffering is to love… You love, suffer and feel. Dance!

Know that when you were born, a good feeling was given to you, it is up to you to cultivate it or not!

Quotes of sad feelings but one day will pass

Sad moments are also important and learning to deal with them only makes us grow. See quotes that will help you express your sadness and will strengthen you.

I really miss is not to feel anything. It was so good.

If a man is happy then he is sad every day. Each day has its share of sadness or little concern.

If my eyes showed my soul, all, seeing me smile, would cry with me.

Remembering is easy for those who have memory, forget it is difficult for those who have hearts.

I say goodbye to this story and I conclude: we follow the direction our own heart to send.

The worst crime I can imagine would be to deceive people being fake and pretending to be fun 100%.

melancholy: romantic way to be sad.

I gave up being happy. Now I feel much less unhappy.

Sad time! It is easier to disintegrate an atom than a prejudice.

The soul resists much more easily to the most vivid pains than prolonged sadness.

There is no sadder loneliness than that of man without friendships. The lack of friends makes the world look like a desert.

Watch out for sadness. She is an addiction.

Hope: the feeling that can never die.

It is not even useful to know what will happen: it is very sad to distress for what cannot be remedy.


It is not always that we will be clear about what we are feeling. At this time, it is good to know that we are not the only ones going through this. See quotes from people who are sharing the same feeling.

ironic is being sentimental and not knowing how to deal with feelings.

You assume that only your feelings and your life are confused. Until you share it and realize that there are others of you out there.

I hate and love. Maybe you ask yourself why I do it. I don’t know. But I feel like that, and I suffer from it.

The problem is that we don’t send what you feel.

There is nothing more useful than suppressing complaints and drowning feelings.

My feelings are so confused that I don’t even say what I feel, afraid of making mistakes again!

I don’t know where the root of the hurt lives. What I feel is your burning in the soul.

I see in me confusing feelings, relative truths and passing desires. Looking well on me, I feel that something has changed.

I don’t know if I get or juice, if I insist or give up, if I expect or supply. The feeling could not be more beautiful, but the confusion has my face.

There are so many certainties and so many doubts, confusion of feelings, soul madness.

In a poem, in some quote, there are words that are confusing, but try to express feelings, which are finally confused and thus demonstrate how confused life is.

Faced with so many confused feelings, there was nothing to appear to me a certainty.

In the confusion of my feelings, I’m pretending I’m not sure of one thing: how much I want you.

Deep feelings and touch us

There are feelings that are so strong and deep that they can touch our soul and make us transcend. In this category, you will find amazing quotes about them.

I don’t understand, I just feel. I’m afraid of one day understanding and failing to feel.

I learned that I can’t choose how I feel, but I can choose what to do about it.

It’s just you who have the cure of my addiction to insist on this longing that I feel of everything I haven’t seen.

If it is the reason that makes man, it is the feeling that leads him.

Do not allow anyone to make you go down so low to the point that you feel hatred.

It is better to be hated for what you are, than loved by what you are not.

I write what I feel is because thus diminishes the fever of feeling.

I never had my eyes so clear and the smile in such crazy. I feel all the same as trees: lonely, perfect and pure.

We often need to drown out feelings and give more voice to reason.

There is nothing more relevant to social life than the formation of the feeling of justice.

There are two main human sins from which all others derive: impatience and indifference. Because of impatience we were expelled from paradise, because of indifference we cannot go back.

Solidarity is the feeling that best expresses respect for human dignity.

No one is just like anyone. Every human being is a unique strange.

But where freedom should be sought is in feelings. These are the living essence of the soul.

Because I am the size of what I feel, I see and I do, not the size that people see me.

Expressing yourself is good, right? We need to take care of us and live a quieper and more beautiful life, so how about giving our selection of flower quotes to make your life even more beautiful?

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