77 hug messages to demonstrate the importance of this gesture

There are many ways to show affection, either through words or gestures. However, a worldwide way is through the hug.

This gesture of affection is able to brighten both those who give and who receive, besides being able to convey a series of feelings: friendship, love, solidarity, happiness, compassion.

Hug is one of the most beautiful gestures that exists and has only benefits, so thinking about its importance is that we select the best hug quotes so you will share with all the people you would love to be able to hug all the time. Check it out!

Hug quotes to send to everyone you wanted to hug now

Hugs were made to express what the words leave to be desired.

My God, how many times have I waited for a hug that never came.

Today I wanted a hug from those who suffocate you so tight and protect you from everything.

where, after all, is the best place in the world? My guess: inside a hug.

and that’s why she liked those hugs. The tight. Because it was there. It was there that she found everything most beautiful.

Few things cost as little and comfort as a hug so much, so open your arms and embrace more!

It was your hug that took the fun of all others.

The best remedy against sadness is in a hot and tight hug with a sweetly seasoned smile.

The best place in the world, where I’m really happy, is inside your hug!

I like this definition: Hug is the meeting of two hearts.

There are times when time should stop, like when our hug is about to end.

A tight hug, a long kiss and a “forever” by your side.

Everything you think and suffer inside a hug dissolves.

When the tight hug fits, it’s like the world stopped there.

Your hug is the best in the world, I love every second.

Nothing makes me more than the safety of your hug!

The hug is the perfect way to keep those we love closest to our heart.

Today is one of those days when all I need is a hug that snuggles my heart.

Hed a longing for your hug.

The best hug is the one that in silence can express an infinite sea of ​​sweet feelings.

Within a passionate hug is that life is worth it, because there is all bad no power.

Your hug was the best decision of my life!

hugging it is good and it’s tasty, but nothing surpasses the thrill of receiving a hug of love!

Who distributes hugs to those who need it most, one day will also be lovingly embraced by happiness.

There is hug that makes us feel at home!

Your hug gives me the warmth I need to throw away any coldness in my heart!

I always want your hug that protects me, that warms me and that you deliver me from all loneliness. Don’t leave me, but never leave me.

hug me, that in the hug more than in words, people like each other.

One of the best things in the world is when you embrace someone you love and that person squeezes you strong.

I miss you, wanting to be in your arms again without thinking about anything else.

A tight hug is the best medicine for any sadness!

In your arms I find security against all the storms of life.

Your arms do not speak, but when you hug me, I listen to the most beautiful words of all!

A friendly hug is able to warm the neediest heart.

Only those who cannot embrace those who love, know the value of a hug.

I love hugging you and every day it is harder to get loose from your arms.

that tight hug of yours has ‘I love you’ sound.

A smile and a sincere hug speak better than a thousand times “thank you.” You will always have my smile and get my hug now.

Even the strongest need a hug full of affection from time to time.

Within a hug is always hot, it is always safe.

true friend gives wings to fly loudly and hug to support any fall.

We need 4 hugs a day to survive. We need 8 hugs a day to keep us. We need 12 hugs a day to grow.

For me, I was eternity only in your hug.

Sometimes all we need is tea, a pimp and a tight hug.

To draw and make my day better, your trace, your loop and that hug is missing.

Those who love know the true meaning of a passionate hug.

I just wanted to be by your side, feel the beating of your heart and lose me in your hug!

False friend’s hug is worse than stabbed of enemy and hurts more than falling to the floor.

I was never as happy as I am inside your hug!

I love listening to your voice and feeling the warmth of your hug; I think this is a serious case of love.

Every night is the same thing: my arms waiting tirelessly your hugs.

I hug you to embrace what I miss.

Friendship has the gift of touching the soul with a simple hug.

I want to give you a hug with a lot of delicacy, because roses are sensitive.

so far from my body and so close to my heart.

The best of the hug is the charm of making eternity fall in seconds. The magic of enabling two people to visit the sky at the same time.

I got tired of beautiful words, what I really need is a tight hug.

It’s amazing how a simple hug can make someone feel so much love.

A hug is a simple and natural gesture, but when loaded with feeling it brings the hearts to the ones who embrace.

and if you suddenly lack space, we live in a hug.

Your hug is the shelter where I never want to leave!

Nothing makes sense more than a sense of hug!

Now I’m sad, sometimes I’m happy and it all depends on the intensity of your hug!

A hug costs nothing and can save someone’s life.

Your presence makes me so well. Your smile makes me so happy. Your hug makes me get better in the hardest times.

For cold and love or even to fade any pain there is nothing better than a hug!

May your hug remain in me when you are far away and everything is missing.

I already traveled the world and met fascinating places, but I never found a place as powerful as your hug!

A hug will not solve all your problems, but will warm your heart!

I have a hug to give you. Do you want me to take or come to get it?

We will not always find the right words to say what we feel. This is why there are hugs.

Wrap you in my arms and my hug. I don’t know if you believe in the angel, but I think I’m yours.

I have a million tight hugs stored to give you.

I’m in love with hugs. I do not resist the safety of strong, sincere hugs that involve me.

As a light that defeats darkness, so is the hug of a brother in difficult times.

Your hug is the only place where I want to run when things are bad.

I just wanted to hug you. A very strong, very true hug, long and feeling full of feeling.

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