70 messages from BTS for those who love South Korean pop music

Jin, Jimin, Suga, RM, V, J-Hope and Jungkook form the BTS Septeto, also known as Bangtan Boys. This K-pop group has been winning a legion of fans, winning many awards, breaking a lot of records and placing South Korean pop music in evidence worldwide. Check out Iconic BTS quotes below and learn more about this famous group!

BTS quotes for those who are a true (a) army

Just live your own way, it’s yours anyway.

The whole world is my home.

We can only live, because we are young.

The promise we made together disappeared somewhere over time.

I know you also have big dreams, you can show me yours if you want.

At the end of this road that way alone, whatever is there, I will take a step.

It hurts, hero, but leave your fears behind.

I can’t escape this lie. Please return my smile!

Although I get tired and wounded sometimes, everything is fine.

Let’s run, run, run, once again! It’s okay if we fall.

I need you, girl. Why do I fall in love and say goodbye alone?

awaken your sleeping youth, go.

Why do I need yourself knowing that I will hurt myself?

Why are you wasting your time? Your blood and sweat will never betray you, so put your name on that trophy and come home.

Everyone follows me, my potential is retweet.

Walk to me, fly with me, so that our hands can reach heaven.

But I’m not satisfied just being here. I will go up to the top, higher.

I wanted love to be perfect by itself, I wanted all my weaknesses to be hidden.

I don’t know you, but you know my name.

Are you going to hold my hand? Why do you and me, if we are together, we can smile.

Some go to college, others go to the army. Some are repeating standard and some are looking for work.

You are the source of my dreams.

Tell me about “forever” just once more.

You have the best of me, be it a dream or reality; just about the fact that you are by my side: Thank you.

Today I will confess: I am nothing without you!

Open my eyes, I’m a hero, but I’m still in a maze.

Even admitting that my feet are full of scars, I still smile whenever I see you.

We are very young to worry.

Even if you try to fly toward me it is too high for you to reach.

I kept watching you hiding behind the friend’s image.

I will show to the world who I can be.

How long does snow fall for the spring days to arrive?

Even if we fall and hurt ourselves sometimes, will you be with me?

I work all night, every day, while you play in the club.

No matter how far I look for you, it’s just an empty dream.

While you had fun I followed my dream.

It’s okay not to have a dream if you have moments where you feel happy.

Find out perfectly that I am all yours. It’s a spell that punishes me.

The fragments of a clear future that cannot be touched.

Let me say: all the villains, hands up.

You are the sun that has resurfaced in my life, a reincarnation of my childhood dreams.

Before your sweetness, there is a bitter taste.

from São Paulo to Stockholm, places that you will never sit in your life, I sat down.

I planted a flower that cannot flourish in a dream that cannot become real.

I am lost in the maze of your heart.

I don’t have wings, but your hands become my wings.

This song is civilization, I can’t leave, this is your destination.

When you looked at me, you won my heart.

No matter how much rain falls, no matter what the darkness erases: leave your eyes open and feel, you are not alone.

My heart was hit with a strike, like a bowling pin.

DNA in my veins tells me that you are the one I have been looking for.

From the beginning my heart only hits you.

Even if you live only for a day, do something. Leave your weakness aside!

Do you remember when I thought you could do anything?

For you I would be able to pretend to be happy even though I was sad.

I dreamed of a hero like the superman, so I jumped around, bouncing to the sky.

I follow my path, my choice.

Leave the concerns behind.

I became a ninja that surpassed the disbelief and returned.

Please don’t ask me any more excuses!

I’m still childish, I’m not sure about love, but I know about your great beauty.

Delete all bad memories, hold on my hand and smile.

We have a bright future, we start underneath and continue to go up.

You are my sun, my first and only in the world.

dream, have hope and move on.

We are parallel lines, let’s go in the same direction, but we are different.

In the end, spring will arrive, the ice will melt and disappear.

In past life and perhaps the next one too, we are forever together.

oh, girl, your smile still remains here. Even though it is separated, my feelings still remain the same.

Losing your way is the way of finding your way.

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