60 indirect messages of disappointment to keep away those who hurt you

Unfortunately, life is not always a sea of ​​flowers and some disappointments can be part of the way. When this happens, do not be due, reunites your strength, express your pain and move on. To help you start over, check out the best quotes of indirect disappointment and share with those who injured you!

Citations of indirect disappointment to express the size of your pain

I will be back stronger and you will regret making me cry.

You didn’t have to get away, pretend we never happened and we were nothing … Now you are just someone I used to know.

And the most disappointment prize of the year goes to… me. Congratulations on being so blind.

Tears will stop falling and I will forget about this disappointment and its existence.

Friendship dies in disappointment and you should know that very well.

Who is real knows who is a lie.

At least, this disappointment served to make me smart with you and others.

I know your lies seem beautiful, but they don’t deceive me anymore.

Hope made me believe in your change and the guilt of this disappointment is mine for not believing in the mistakes I saw.

Your attitudes disappointed me, but I swear it was the last time I trusted you.

Falsehood you fit well. A pity it took me so long to realize.

There is no competition in friendship. This just proves that we were not really.

I will follow my life away from you to avoid future disappointment.

I waited too much and screwed up. Damn expectation that only brought me disappointment.

I am more disappointed with me than with you. I chose to trust who never gave me reason.

My disappointment collection ends here. You were the last one who hurt me.

I didn’t expect perfection, I expected only honesty and not that you gave me.

I no longer accept this disappointment. She was the final point of our story.

Disappointment is the price you pay for trusting who doesn’t deserve it.

It was in the difficulty that I won the biggest disappointments because everyone disappeared.

Enemies do not betray, only cause disappointments.

You may think it was nothing, but for me it was the greatest disappointment of my life.

At least, disappointment showed that you never deserved the pedestal I put you.

Don’t think you are iron and you can hurt others without ever getting anything back.

You will pay for this disappointment, maybe I am not going to charge you, but life will be in charge.

From friends to strangers. This is the fruit of your disappointment.

God protect me from me and the evil of good people, the goodness of the bad person.

You can’t forgive your mistake. He proved to me that, from you, I only earn disappointment.

You promised me more and offered the least. The disappointment I am feeling is your fault.

Expecting less does not mean giving up. Before being surprised, than disappointed.

Disappointment teaches that beautiful face also carries a rotten heart.

You taught me that believing in the only disappointment. Thank you for the teaching.

I don’t deserve your disappointment. I believed you, gave you a second chance. Now it’s over!

I don’t want to know about you anymore because when I look at your face, I only see disappointment.

You made me stronger because I had to rise after each disappointment.

This is the problem of people who are sincere: they think everyone is too.

disappointed and deluded. Congratulations to you who managed to fool me again.

Friends have seen enemies and disappointments arise. All the words said are no longer important.

Your character was tested and the mistake was mine to try to give you a new chance.

Life is to be congratulated. It only introduces me to one person and a worse disappointment than the other.

I’m disappointed with you and me because I believed you once again.

has faltered with the right person and now will spend life looking for me in others.

Can I exchange all disappointments for oblivion and never remember that you exist?

crying I redo the springs you dry.

The intensity of disappointment is proportional to how much the person meant to you and you were my world.

I believed it was sincere and … that bad bad for mine! You disappointed me once more.

Knowing that we will become unknown hurts more than your disappointment itself.

Disappointment lit me a warning sign and everything you say seems to lie.

Impossible such a beautiful and friendly face hide such a rotten person.

The universe warned me about you, I heard and prevent me from another disappointment.

so many disappointments I already lived, that was by far the most cruel.

Your disappointment will not kill me, but it will end the affection that exists between us.

Disappointment comes from who we care, but don’t care about us.

I met my true friends in pain and disappointment was knowing that you were not one of them.

Looking to the past, I realize that you gave me all the signs that disappointment would be our end.

I got tired of learning from disappointment. Please stay away from me.

If I were smarter, I would not have to give one more chance to disappoint me.

Love disappoints and the fault is all mine for believing in your lies.

Each rolled tear is an outburst of the tired soul.

Handled me when you disappointed me because you took my light away.

Don’t be brooding out, learn to move on and start even stronger. For this, check out quotes from one day after another and take one step at a time to happiness!

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