60 gospel messages for photos that overflow praise and worship

In every situation, God is worthy of being exalted! Worship, when sincere and true, pleases the Lord, even made through a simple image published on social networks. So how about giving a special touch to your posts with blessed gospel quotes for photos that express praises to the creator? Check it out below!

Gospel Quotes for photos that express the good, perfect and pleasant will of God

I handed God the direction of my life. I know he has the best for me!

says that beloved I am, without me feeling that way. Says strong I am when there is weakness in myself and that I am fragile if I feel, that I am not alone, because I belong to you.

While I live I will bless you, and in your name I will raise my hands.

When you are firm in faith God’s time is not time consuming, it is right!

People filled with the grace of God does not bother with their surroundings.

God hides your most precious treasures in our most difficult and painful experiences.

The light that covers me day and night is the light of my Savior!

I want to be healed and help heal too. I want to be better than I have ever been. Do what I can to help me … Be fair and patient as Jesus was.

I am a child of God. Yes, I am chosen, forgiven. I am who you say I am.

Purpose were not made to be kept but to be lived.

With your aid, I can attack a troop; With my God, I can cross walls.

He loved us, not because we are kind, but because he is love.

When I believed I was alone, God proved me that he was always with me!

You have been so, so good for me.

My body and my heart may weak, but God is the strength of my heart and my inheritance forever.

God renews my strength every morning and makes me realize that with it everything is possible!

And today I am free, for he lives, he reigns in me!

I am small, God is great. I’m fragile, but he’s strong!

I have nothing to fear, because the author of existence is the one who writes the pages of my life.

Be strong and brave. Do not fear and do not be discouraged. I am your God, I hide you in me.

The Lord is my strength and my shield; Him my heart trusts, and I get help.

Only those who experience freedom for the cross of Christ knows closely the love and mercy of God!

Because of him and for him, to Him are all things.

It should be growing and I decrease.

I follow life with security and courage, for the Creator of heaven and earth loves me and will never leave me!

Your Grace made me free and more than winner.

neither height nor depth, nor any other creature can separate us from the love of God, who is in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

I am flawed and sinner, but my God is perfect and loves me as I am!

Although the fig tree does not flourish and there is no fruit in the vide, and the product of olive tree … However I will rejoice!

You are alpha and omega, beginning and end, you are the air that I breathe, all for me.

I’m not optimistic, I’m faithful to the king of glory!

Give me your dreams, God. I ask you, make me choose what you want.

I will trust, I will rest, throw myself into your love, Lord.

Lord, your love and your grace are enough for me. You are everything I need!

nobody explains God.

The lion of Judah is the one who keeps me. My wishes deposit in Him, because with it the burden becomes light and hope is renewed.

If I’m about to fall, it holds my hand. When I think of giving up, he proves me his love. God is everything to me!

The Lord is my light and my salvation; Who will I have fear of? The Lord is my strong refuge; Who will I be afraid of?

As children, we have two duties, obey and trust. The author of life takes care of everything else with mastery and grace!

My courage comes from the Lord, the God of the impossible!

I will not fear what will come, my hope is in God!

I make my heart home of the Holy Spirit, for I never want to live far from the presence of God.

I’m the daughter of the Creator! Nothing and no one can change that.

The blessing of the Lord God brings prosperity, and no effort can replace it.

Being strong is not an option, it is a commandment!

The beauty of life is in the faith that you cultivate in your heart.

Before God does a great work through us, He will do a great work in us.

The Lord never promised that the journey would be easy, but said it would always be by my side!

In the arms of the Most High I feel loved, welcomed, forgiven … I would be nothing without God’s mercy in my life!

You are my home, God!

The greatest victory of life is to be the daughter of the Creator!

We need to reaffirm our faith daily, not because God changes, but for us we are constantly changing!

Because he lives, I can believe in tomorrow. Because he lives, fear there is no!

Even gold needs to be forged to be perfect and shiny. The same needs to be done with the children of God!

God is my fortress, an unshakable rock that keeps me up.

What is impossible for men is possible for God.

Faith is the driving spring of my life!

Cultivate the garden of life with faith, surrender and obedience, and I see the extraordinary flourishing of God in every detail.

I can face whatever, I know who fights for me. Your plans cannot be frustrated!

The Lord is my anchor in the midst of the stormy sea of ‚Äč‚Äčlife.

For a faithful heart, there is nothing better than praising God! Be sure to check out these wonderful evangelical quotes for status that talk about the infinite goodness and love of the Savior!

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