60 good night messages for friends to show you care

So many people are part of our lives… Some come and then leave, some find us and stay with us for the rest of our day. Friends are gifts that we should always take care of! Nourishing a friendship needs to be part of our routine.

But we cannot always be close to our dear friends. Some may have gone to live far, others are so concerned about work that they get away from us, and contact gets smaller and smaller… Why not send a special message to that important person to you? This can revive the connection between you both!

To inspire you, we have selected a list of good night quotes to friends, whether to send to someone who is always with you, or to remember that old friend you are still there for him. Check it out!

Good night quotes to friends to send to your

Gratitude for blessings, for all the learning and overcoming this day today. Sleep well, friend!

Good night, dear friend … wherever you are, may your night be blessed. Deliver your dreams into God’s hands and let Him fulfill one by one.

I wish you a blessed night of peace and tranquility. May your soul be in harmony and that in your heart prevails serenity!

Life without friends is moon without night, stars without heaven, is my lost heart seeking your way. Good night!

Good friends are always specially in our thoughts. They are part of our daily lives, even though they are not present. I passed here to wish you a great night!

May God take care of my family and also my friends. Even if I do not see them, I love everyone in your love! Give a night of peace to each one.

Rest, serene, relax and trust … Don’t be discouraged! A lot of good things will still happen! Sleep well, friend!

A blessed night of rest, peace and tranquility, immense gratitude in the heart! Have a great night of dreams, dear friend. See you tomorrow!

May you strengthen faith and intensify hope. For you, I wish many blessings, joys, achievements and learning this new week. Good night!

Listen to the sound of your peace, relax and tune the serenity. Thank you for today! Good night and good rest.

Peace, serenity, harmony and great gratitude! A blessed night of rest for all of us, resting our hearts to receive another beautiful week of blessings and achievements.

We are all in a process of constant evolution, reviving our essence and harmonizing our existence! May we have a great night, friends!

May God protect you, rejoice and illuminate you the day that will come. Good night, friend!

Although time has wings and sometimes fly very fast, we will always be linked along the way of the heart! Peace kisses for you, friends.

Good night! Life shines more intensely when we have a friend who is really worth it and recognizes our value, and this is very rewarding. You are one of those people. I love you.

Thanks for another day we won together!

After a day full of emotions, joys, victories and learning, the time of the deserved rest is arrived. I wish you a night of peace, blessed with tranquility.

Time to renew our strengths and faith to a dawn of many achievements. Good rest!

May the angels bring you tranquility and beautiful dreams tonight. Kisses from those who love you.

tune serenity, love and harmony … Rest your dreams with hope and faith in a radiant dawn! Good night!

goes to meet what fills your soul. Don’t spend your time on unnecessary rematch. Always prefer your peace. Good night, sleep well!

Before I fall asleep, friends, I thank you for existing in my life. Good night!

Only reap the fulfilled dreams who plant faith for the paths that travel, those who are not afraid to go to the fight and those who believe in the strength they have. Good night, friend.

Good night! Pray as you feel, talking, thinking, when you act. Praying is more than using beautiful words for conversations with God. To pray is to direct to him the energy that emanates from true feelings, sincere desires and deep gratitude.

That the day was of objectives realized. To my friends, a blessed night.

Begin to see obstacles from another angle and make them the steps of your climb. You can always more! Good night and good dreams.

Have a good dream. Dreaming doesn’t hurt anyone, bad is having nightmares! Good night.

Sleep and rest well! Tomorrow is a new day, perfect to live our friendship together! Good night.

Friends are angels who raise us when our wings weaken, they are grandiose trees that give us shadows on hot days. These are words that cause us laughs, they are right in the uncertain times! And they make us feel good when everything goes bad, they are simply special beings, just like you. Good night!

Rest, because tomorrow the day will be memorable, spectacular and full of positive energy. Good night, friends!

No day is in vain when we have true friendships to thank every night. Good night, dear friend!

Good night, friends! May the reward for the victories in today’s challenges be a wonderful and revitalizing rest!

After an exciting day, together with the best people, it’s time to relax. Good night, friends!

Dear friends, if God is for us, who will be against us? Nobody! Good night.

You are the only treasure that I will never leave behind in life, no matter how long it goes and the obstacles we face. I wish you a sweet night, friends.

The value of things is not the time they last, but in the intensity with which they happen. You, my friends, are what I have the most valuable … Good night.

Without you, nothing would be memorable and our adventures would not exist. Good night, friends!

Good night! So good to finish the day, remember you suddenly and fill me with gratitude for your existence, because you are so special to me. That night I wish you peace and tranquility, dear friend.

The secret of waking up smiling is the joy of sleeping happy. So I wish you a good night full of happiness and good dreams, friend!

Good night, friend! From the ways I walked, the people I found, you are one of those I will never forget.

saying good night is not simply a way to finish the day, but a way of saying that I thought of you with love. Have a good night.

Night is an indispensable opportunity to rest, forgive, forget, dream and prepare for the battles the next day. May your night be full of all these things! See you tomorrow, my dear friend.

Good night, friend, I hope the stars will illuminate your night and your dreams, and that you can sleep well.

Before you fall asleep, I came to wish you a good night, because I care about you! May the Holy Spirit be with you today and always.

Good night, my dear friends! Let’s sleep with the certainty that God is already preparing the path we should follow tomorrow.

If the day was not so cheerful, that night comes soon … Good night, my dear friends!

Good night, my dear ones. Each nightfall the sun says goodbye differently … It must be to show us that tomorrow will not be the same either.

May tranquility involve you, comforting your heart with harmony and bringing you sweet dreams of hope for a dawn of joy. Good night, friend!

Good night! Leaving sweets footprints in a friend’s heart is part of knowing how to walk with love.

Good night, friend. I hope you lived this day with the same intensity that I love you! I wish you a night full of rest and renewal of your energies for a new day that will come in the morning.

For you, my friend, I wish the most beautiful dreams of this night … and that all these dreams come true at dawn. Good night!

A huge kiss for you, the size of the distance that separates us at this time, dear friend. Good night!

Sweet friend, all the work you did today, every step you took, every person who touched and talked … all this was not in vain! You matter and it is certainly an important part of this universe. Have a good night and a lot of energy for tomorrow.

Do you know what time it is? The time you missed you, friend! Even with the distance between us, you are always in my heart. Sleep well.

I’m just going to give you a good night that is so special in my life. May our friendship always be blessed.

Good night … You are special, especially for me, believe me! Do not allow you to tell you the opposite ever. Have a good night’s sleep to have a wonderful day tomorrow.

It is impossible to start a day well without having a good night. So I wish you a night of peace, a repairing sleep and an inspiring dawn, to help you face all the challenge of the day. Good night, dear friend Warrior!

Wake up with each dawn with the certainty that anything can happen. Smile, because whenever you smile a star you will shine. Good night!

With each sunset you have an extra opportunity to thank and, if the day was not as good as you expected, an extra reason to believe that better days will come. Goodnight friend. I believe in you.

I wish that if you have had a hard time during the day, they do not get the charm of dreaming at night. Good dreams!

Now that you are full of inspiring quotes to send to friends and wish good night, it’s time to know some loving friendship quotes to show your love for them anytime! Check it out!

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