60 feminine Tumblr messages to share without thinking twice

Updating your blog with quotes that express your moment is a very practical way to conquer new readers. If you are looking for something with that feminine touch, you peek at the female tumblr quotes we have separated for you. Then just choose which one will post today!

Women’s Tumblr Quotes to move your blog

Be the strong female protagonist you want to see in the world.

Girl Power always, no matter the situation

Be a woman who raises other women.

Always be your best friend.

I can be sweet and delicate as a flower, but also lasts like a stone, a diamond.

I am hard and severe on one side, vulnerable and emotional on the other.

I can be a queen without leaving my romantic side aside.

Our imperfections are what make us unique and beautiful women.

I feel one of the greatest feminists in the world because I always tell women not afraid of anything.

I’m girl, I’m a woman. So, all together and mixed.

Who commands the world? Girls!

There are strong women and those who do not yet know their strength.

Be your own heroine, no matter what the story is.

I am in love with the woman I struggled to be.

And I can be all the things you said to me not to be.

I may have been wrong in the past, but I am very proud of the woman I am.

she is the kind of woman who wants you, but doesn’t need you.

Stop playing with your body, girl, stop feeling that it’s not enough.

shine without fear, girl.

I’m a champion and you will hear me roar.

There are girls who love flowers, others prefer to escape the standard.

powerful woman bothers me half a world, but fascinates the whole world.

You have to get up every day and say: I can!

You are more than one standard.

You are beautiful, no matter what others say.

female beauty alone is an art.

If a woman alone is strong, imagine the strength of all united women.

Be your greatest expectation.

Let me remind you that I am not obliged to anything.

You are a beautiful woman because in your gaze the beauty of your heart shows.

No one dares to define who you should be, girl.

You who think you can say whatever you want, respect, there! I am a woman.

Nothing is stronger than a woman who rebuilt.

You are perfect because you are imperfect and beautiful because it’s unique.

I was never a saint. I am a human being and I do sometimes.

I learned from spring to let me cut and come back always.

She knew how to get everyone’s mess. Less the mess of her life.

I lift my voice, not so that I can scream, but so that those without voice can be heard …

I don’t follow the established rules, I lido with my heart, not with my head.

laughing girl, who laughs and dreams.

Just don’t get lost when entering my particular infinity.

will have to overcome, this girl loose.

I don’t need a prince enchanted to have a happy ending.

vanity and pride are different things, although words are often used as synonyms.

Tell me what you want about me, but have the decency to look into my eyes as you speak and courage to hear my answer.

In another life, I would be your girl. In another life, I would make you stay.

When you hurt a girl’s heart, it’s like you drown a kitten.

I think there is a thin line between vulgarity and elegance. I traffic in the middle of this line.

It has 16, marra of 21, arrangement of 65 and when it makes a tantrum it looks like it has 5.

promises me that this time you will say “no”? From woman to woman, surpasses.

Anime, baby, give a little more. A girl should not give her heart so easily.

she is stressed and at the same time too sentimental.

I don’t know what I have to do for you anymore to admit that you love me, that you think it’s fucking.

The world will end and she just wants to dance.

The only people who deserve their tears are those who strive every day to see you smile.

Be careful, not touch, it is bad, you can even give you a shock.

Who knows I’m still a little girl.

has doll face, but it’s not to play.

She is Ipanema Beach in Alto da Boa Vista.

I learned to live without you, I overcome the illusion I had, now I’m free and single on the track.

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