55 messages about home for you to enjoy your little corner

A house is much more than a space: it is home, refuge and place of construction of memories. If you love your corner and don’t exchange for anything, then be sure to read these quotes about home! Enjoy and share with those who love to spend time in the company itself and the warmth of the home.

Come on house for those who love to spend time in their own nest

Because they say home is where their heart is recorded. This is where you go when you are alone. This is where you go to rest your bones.

The best way to hold your children at home is to make home a pleasant place – and empty the car tires.

It doesn’t matter that they demolished it: we keep living in the old house that was born.

I don’t lack chair. I don’t lack sofa. Just missing you sitting in the room. You just have to be.

The house is yours. Why doesn’t it arrive now? Even the ceiling is upside down because you take it … I don’t lack home, just missing it.

I feel at home, it seems that I am back from where I came … I feel at home, it seems that I am back to the place to which I belong.

It was a very funny house, I had no ceiling, there was nothing. No one could get into her, because in the house there was no ground.

home with life, for me, it is the one where books come out of the shelves and the ornaments play change their places.

Sofa No Stain? Pulled wireless rug? Table without a glass brand? It’s in the face that is homeless home.

Let me go home. House is anywhere I am with you

The house is an extension of who dwells it.

What I love most in my house is the one who divides her with me!

Love is the other’s house in us.

Every corner of our house tells a little about us. That’s why she is cozy.

In our house, everything is very intense and true, nothing is scenario, because we live every space.

House is a place of landing, nest of warmth and affections.

Each world fits in each house. Each house has its way of being … be very welcome in our sweet home!

In this house lives very happy people!

A person’s house must be a kind of museum of himself, where everything has a meaning.

With you, I feel at home.

May your home always be too small to accommodate all your friends.

Life takes you to unexpected places, love takes you home.

The house is a place that you grow up with the desire to leave and get older with the desire to return.

There is nothing more important than a good and safe house.

The magic of a house is that it is good to leave and it is even better to come back.

A house is the starting point of love, hope and dreams.

This house is yours, God. You can enter and change things from place!

Of the many things in my child, I keep alive in the souvenir of the warmth of my home.

But my house and I will serve the Lord.

The Window: Isn’t it where the house dreams of being a world?

A house is not just made of cement and bricks, but memories, smell of coffee and laughs that echo in the corridor.

That you can always find a path that takes you home again.

At home, I feel at peace. At home, I feel protected. At home, I feel happy.

And after a running day there is nothing better than taking refuge in the comfort of home!

I can’t wait to get home and feel protected and welcomed!

That you can always have a home to go back and feel whole again.

I love every corner of my house, because that’s where I feel complete and happy!

It was with a lot of effort that I got the house I have today and, despite being simple, it is my favorite place in the world!

My house only gets meaning with you, my dear family!

House is synonymous with joy, Porto Seguro and good memories.

that everyone can always have a corner to call the house and a person to call home.

My house is like that: a mess there, a disarrming here. But it’s all with a lot of love and affection.

Gratitude, Universe, by the beautiful house I have. Could not be happier for this achievement.

My little house is my greatest pride and happiness. May God always bless me in my home.

Nothing makes me happier than coming home and being received by the most beautiful family in this world!

A solid house is stuck in the love of God.

Let God come in and take care of your home, because only He can be a true home.

God has given me the greatest achievement of my life: my house. Thank you, Lord, for this and for all the blessings shed.

May God bless your family and home infinitely today and ever. Amen!

A happy house is a house with God. Let him make a home in each of you.

There is nothing that makes me happier than spending a whole day at home, alone. Arranging my things and enjoying my company.

Happiness is having a house to go back, a corner to call yours and someone to share all this joy.

My house is my refuge. When everything seems to collapse is where I find protection and comfort.

I love every corner of my house: from that peeled detail from the wall to that window that lives stuck and I always say that I will fix it.

A happy house has memories, whether good or not. The important thing is that it reflects the story of those who dwell it!

Each house has its own memory and history! To feel all the love that such a place can provide, read these quotes on home.

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