55 funny messages for boyfriend that will make him more in love

Dating someone is being happy in double. After all, we find someone to love, take care of us and still laugh at our jokes. Good humor is essential in relationships because it makes life lighter and more fun. If you want to make your partner smile, you will be enchanted by these funny quotes for boyfriend we selected. Check it out and share with the big guy!

Funny quotes for boyfriend who will bring fun to two

Of all your qualities, that of having me as your girlfriend is my favorite.

You never get in the way when it makes me stop what I’m doing to kiss me.

I’ll wrap it to the gift and give me to you on your birthday.

I love you more than I love to eat. And look that eating is my favorite thing in life!

Life is so good by your side that I can no longer distinguish when I am awake or when I am dreaming.

If you love you is a crime, we will have to live at large because I won’t stop being out of law.

I love you because, besides filling my heart, you fill my belly.

There is only one medicine that can heal me, your kisses and your affection.

Sometimes, I pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming that I found the best boyfriend in the world.

To love is to make jokes together and make jokes on each other.

I don’t make you king of my heart because we live in democracy, so I elected you my president.

Your eyes look like a chain, when I look at them, I get stuck.

For you, I was cold, heat and thirst, but I couldn’t starve.

knew you were the right person when you arrived at me and said: Do you want me to cook for you?

We think that after so long together, the stomach butterflies went to sleep, but mine get more crazy than me when they see you.

You don’t have to be your birthday for me to congratulate you for being so beautiful.

I may be going crazy, but I see you in everything I do.

First you won my stomach, then my heart.

You have a love face of my life and a person who will love to my follies.

I have no defects, so I am sure it must be easy for you to date and love someone so perfect.

Sometimes I stop and I think: Who you had to bribe to be lucky to date someone as beautiful as me.

If I arrest you to me, you will not have another choice, unless, be mine forever.

Our love is the same as Kinder egg, a delight and full of surprises.

Nothing makes me happier than when, besides cooking, you wash the dishes.

You are already beautiful, but when you are by my side, it is perfect.

Your smile arrested me and took me together when you left, now you will be forced to have me as a prisoner of your love.

I never go cold because our love is involved.

Our love is the missing ingredient to make life well seasoned.

couple that gets drunk together, remains united when the hangover arrives and one needs to take care of the other.

My bed is missing you. You won’t miss you for a long time, right?

At breakfast, I accept your kisses as payment for our love night.

Our love is priceless because it is made of a jewel that has not even been discovered.

I need to tell you something very serious. I can’t hide anymore. I tried to deny it, but I can’t. It’s hard for me to admit, but it is over … The distance is over. I’m falling on yours and I hardly see the time to spend my whole life by your side.

I love you, so each one sleeps with his covered to have no fight.

Because I love you, I never leave you in a vacuum on Whatsapp when you send me a message. I hope it is reciprocal.

We can no longer deny appearances, disguise the evidence you have the best girlfriend in the world.

You entered the door of my heart, I locked and threw the key away. There is no way to escape.

I am scared every time I remember happiness caught me when I introduced me to you. Your fault!

ATTENTION: We request the Lord’s attendance immediately. Reason: We like your hug, responsible for making it look like chaos is over and there are only both of us in the world. Please attend the direction and deliver your hug. Failure to comply with the measure is subject to the fine of kisses and pampering as payment!

Your love is like chocolate cake: cute, beautiful and tasty.

Passion is the cover, but love is the whole cake.

A woman does not fall in love with a man, but the perfume he uses.

I went to dream that I loved you, but when I saw it had not even slept.

I’m not a Rexona, but I would never leave you.

You are like Google. Everything I look for, I find you.

The Ministry of Health warns: Seeing you away from me makes me miss you.

Do you think I love you? Do you think I cry for you? Do you think I want you and I don’t live without you? Wow, how do you think right!

You are equal to chocolate, bacon and cheese. It makes everything tastier.

If you love is wrong, my biggest defect is being in love with you.

Mathematics does not live without the numbers, chemistry does not live without the periodic table and I do not live without you.

I want to kidnap your heart, do your thought of hostage, and still ask a kiss as a ransom.

Love is a verb that only two passionate lips know how to combine.

I just don’t think about you 24 hours a day because I shoot 4 to 6 hours to think about both of us …

My weak point has name, address and a beautiful smile.

If it is to lose me, let it be on you.

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