50 welcoming messages that encourage the humanization of relationships

Welcoming is the silent language of love. It is looking at each other, understanding their pain and recognizing their value. It is to donate without pretending to make shows or to receive applause. It is an act of humility and sharing. For you to be further enchanted by the sensitivity of this altruistic act, we have selected beautiful reception quotes. Check it out, spread inspiration and be transformation!

Welcoming citations that are kindness seeds for you to share with the world

Sometimes a hug is worth a thousand words. Never lose the chance to welcome someone who needs comfort. Be it shelter, be motivation and make the transformation!

You don’t have to be a great hero to have superpowers, just look around, open your heart and let the strength of love act. A heroic act is done in humility, the word friendly, in welcoming and solidarity.

The greatest act of empathy is the one we direct to our inner self. Before we welcome others, we need to learn to welcome, to love the person we are, our mistakes, our fears and our weaknesses that are part of our history.

In a world where relationships are increasingly distant, welcome is a revolutionary act. Be the reason for someone’s smile. Be the transformation, practice love!

A garden cannot flower without care: wait, to tear the weeds and fertilize. The same goes for relationships: make the welcome the fertilizer capable of strengthening the other so that it can flower in the world!

It is not easy to accept the differences of the other. Welcoming requires presence and wanting. We need to recognize that each person is unique, that the truth has multiple layers, there is more on one side the same coin and that is not always the best for us is better for another.

welcome is never a lonely act! When looking at each other, we expand our horizons, know new perspectives and learn about various experiences. Welcoming is to donate while receiving.

Perhaps the welcome cannot save the whole world, but surely it can save someone’s world. Change is an ant work, it is of action in action that goodness propagates and generates transformation!

May our hearts always be open to the pain of someone. May our hug be shelter and that our words are to propagate the kindness. May tomorrow be better than today!

Everyone wants to be accepted, understood and loved. In a friendly word or in the silence of the look, you can be the light someone needs to keep fighting your darkness!

Sometimes we need to close our mouth and open our arms. In the silence of the welcome, there is empathy, kindness and solidarity. Let your gestures talk for you! Be a source of affection!

As long as there is welcome, there will be life and hope! The act of listening, without judgments, has a great healing power. Nothing is tastier than knowing that we can count on someone else’s empathy!

To welcome is to throw stars into someone’s darkness! Each act of Gentilizes, each lovely word and every hug, day by day, unite and become constellations. May love be infinite!

To welcome is to learn from the other’s differences. We need to get out of our comfort zone, stop thinking only about me and start thinking about us. We need to fall in love with the diversity of life every day!

It is very important to welcome people at times of difficulty, however, it is also important to be welcomed in victories. Do not let envy or frustration spoil someone’s celebration.

Every day, you have the opportunity to practice welcome gestures. It’s a smile, a length, a hug, a silence. Sometimes we become big through the simplest acts.

Sometimes we are with people, but we are distant, focused on problems, social networks, we remain all the time stirring on the phone. Be presence, enjoy the moment, welcome and value your relationships.

It is wonderful when someone listens to us and offers us comfort, but often we do not know how to listen to the problem of others. The welcome is a double -way hand: receive, but also donate!

Welcoming is an art! It is coloring the sorrows, transforming loneliness in company and tears into joy! To welcome is to be a breath in the life of someone who no longer finds breath to fight!

We live in a world where having and accumulating is more important than sharing! Break the current of egocentrism, seek the community and always be welcome!

Do not close your eyes to the loneliness of the elderly! Someone who has contributed so much to the development of society, suddenly, is seen as useless. Be welcome, value the life story of all those who came before you!

In their relationships, do not erect walls, destroy walls and build bridges; Do not plant thorns; Sow love; Do not lengthen the distances, be presence. May welcome always win the coldness of hatred and ignorance!

The reception is very simple: invite a friend to have a cup of coffee, know how to hear the pain of others and show affection. Sometimes, just look in the eyes of a dear person and say: You are important to me!

For a bruised soul, the welcome is an ointment that acts on the wound and triggers the healing process. Practice empathy with each other, because each one knows the pain that carries in itself and all pain is worthy of care!

A swallow alone does not make summer! The same goes for our relationships: alone, we live in the cold of loneliness, however, when there is empathy, Raia the Sun of Joy. To welcome is warm lives!

It is not enough to say that the child is the future of the nation. It is necessary to provide means for every child to grow in a healthy environment and can develop their potentials. Welcoming childhood is the guarantee of gathering good fruits.

Aging is not scary! What scares is a society in which the elderly are devalued. Let us practice the welcome and teach our children how to welcome so that, when we grow old, we are also welcomed!

May every life story be valued! That we learn to welcome differences and respect the essence of the other. That diversity does not generate hatred, but is a source of learning and sharing.

In a house where there is welcome, there is soul and home. Be the hug and understanding your children need. Understand that every human being is unique and, regardless of everything, practice love and respect.

We often hide our essence and live a lie for fear of the judgment of the other. No one deserves to live enclosed just because society does not recognize the differences. Let us be hosts!

Educating is not just transmitting the content! Education begins with sensitivity and welcoming so that children can learn that kindness never subtract, but multiplies!

Public and quality health is a right of everyone we should always fight for! To doctors and nurses, who when they touch a patient’s pain, never lack empathy and welcome! For humanization in the care!

To welcome the pain of the other is to strengthen his roots so that he feels safe, without fear of facing the storms of life! To welcome is, through your attitudes, to make the other see everything beautiful inside!

Without you, my life has no shine! Feel welcomed to call me whenever you need it! Don’t be ashamed to ask for help! I want to be your hug, your affection, your friendship!

When you throw you a stone, do not pay with the same coin. Often this is the form of self -defense of someone who has never received love. Offer forgiveness, learn to welcome the worst in the other, because even among stones, flowers flowers!

By touching someone’s life, you have two options: it can be construction or destruction. Be careful with the words, know how to welcome the differences. If you are not able to help, do not disturb, and will have helped a lot.

To welcome is to shrink the distances, subtract fears, warm the cold and share kindness. May our actions always be inspired and never destruction!

has noticed a sign that says: be careful, don’t step on the grass? The same goes for life! People are gardens, so don’t step, don’t destroy the dream beds! Be welcome, be soft as a butterfly!

Some words are like blades that hurt in the soul, open wounds and leave scars that not even time can erase. By touching the pain of the other, that your words are like feathers and are welcomed.

If you could see yourself with my eyes, you would know that there is a lot of life inside. To be strong is to accept the welcome and to recognize that we need help. Come here, rest. Let me be your protection.

By touching someone’s life, forget your social position, all your rational knowledge and be just presence, feeling and welcome. Be soul dialoguing with another soul. May love exhale!

Each person is a house and every house has its own leaks. Do not invade a space that is not yours. Don’t try to change things from place! Ask to enter, offer help, welcome and respect the limit and time of each.

May our heart be like a welcoming hosting, with home and smell of fennel, so that we can welcome and provide a good stay for all those who go through our life!

In a world where the charge is practically everywhere, our biggest defect is living in the duty and not quality. Be your welcome, seek your balance, cultivate self-love.

It is sad to realize that human relations are becoming a spectacle and propaganda. By helping, let it be silent, let it be for love. The reception dispenses applause and needs more presence.

We can only welcome each other when we are whole, strengthened and at peace. Look inside, understand your processes, help yourself to have the strength to help!

Parents, do not buy the love of your children with technology. Don’t say you work hard to offer them a better life. The best gift is a hug, the best life is to feel that there is welcome in the family.

Sometimes we feel that we are falling into an abyss and all we want is a hug. Always be welcomed, because we do not always know when someone needs.

I can’t imagine the size of your pain and I can’t end your suffering, but I can understand that this is a very difficult time and I can offer my friendship and my hug. Feel welcome!

empathy is to feel on our skin a little of the pain of the other. It is making listening a place of welcome and hug a moment of presence, comfort and shelter.

Welcoming is the best prevention for the life of someone who is suffering. Also check out care quotes and keep practicing kindness, spreading love and being a source of light in the world!

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