50 welcome February messages to celebrate new beginnings

Some say the year only starts after Carnival. It may even start well before that, but the truth is that from February really everyone gets in the jog! Therefore, this is a month that allows the restart and implementation of some goals. So, check out Welcome Quotes, February, and celebrate the opportunities that the month brings!

Welcome Quotes, February, to fulfill your goals

February, welcome! May it be a month of victories and that we have our faith renewed for the beginning of new and amazing cycles.

February has summer, has high-esteral, many joys and carnival blocks. Welcome, celebration month and fun guaranteed!

February is more than a month, but a state of soul where the revelry begins and has no time to end! Welcome.

February, in its few days, reserves dreams realized, concretized goals and many joys. Just believe and take every opportunity!

February bring us the beginning we deserve: that good wants me, that love invades me, and that peace overflows in my heart. Welcome!

May each February be marked by victories and may the Lord be with me in every step and in every decision I make, protecting me and strengthening me.

This is the second month of the year, also synonymous with second chance. That February comes to be the beginning we need so much!

Welcome, February! Arrive with a lot of revelry and fun fantasies. As well as happiness in each step, embellishing our days!

Welcome, February! No matter if it will be 28 or 29 days, but that they are all of many joys and good memories to keep in the heart.

Welcome, February! May it be involved in faith to pack each of our dreams and that we follow them with gratitude and enthusiasm.

In February, start believing that all your dreams are possible, and surely they will be realized! Welcome, month of amazing promises.

Welcome, February! May the summer heat heat our hearts to instigate new dreams and unforgettable experiences.

This is a small month on the calendar, but gigantic in blessings and achievements. That February surprises us positively!

The truth is that, the beautiful of this life, is to have good stories to tell. Welcome February! With its endless feasts and joys.

I don’t like to stand still and February arrived to shake things! May the month be amazing not only as we deserve it, but also as we wish.

Welcome, February! That the shortest month extends in joys throughout the year. May the Lord’s plans prevail in our lives!

In February: Smile, love, hug, forgive, be kind and very happy! May good feelings take you and always be present.

Welcome, February! You finally arrived, it’s been a year since I’ve seen you! May the joy of Carnival last all year round.

I wish for you: a month of great luck, a lot of peace, a lot of love and the full of revelry. Welcome February! No room for all bad things.

February, take this fog, bring beautiful flowers and love from January to January!

That this month that begins is light, illuminated and blessed. That nothing shakes our faith and that our energies are always renewed!

Welcome, February! May it come beautiful, let it be blessed, let it open wings in my heart.

The important thing is to be February and have carnival for us to sambar. Drink your eyes from your eyes, leave the past, for God’s sake! Sadness here has no place.

Welcome, February! May your few days be peaceful and quiet, surprise bringing abundance blessings to all of us.

In February there will be faith, peace, blessings and many victories, for God is in charge of each of his wonderful days!

February & Sol & Heat & Carnival.

until finally January is over! It’s time to post “welcome, February!” and be prepared for all your amazing achievements.

Welcome, February! May the lowest month of the year be large in blessings for our lives. May success find us and the good winds of happiness are present!

When February arrives, I want to be Carnival! And when the revelry begins, let all my problems go behind. It’s time to meet happiness!

It’s February! May we, like butterflies, turn into our best version: beautiful, graceful and totally free!

Shot the mask, seen poetry. I fill my soul with joy to fall into the revelry. We are finally in February! The best of all months.

Beautiful is the month that makes the best in the heart of us flourish! Welcome February! Wonderful month in every way.

If discouragement beats, keep the hope that you soon inspire to try again! May the February revelry fill our stocks with joy for the whole year.

Welcome, February! May the bad days go by quickly and the good ones last forever in our memories. May our lives be a well of beautiful opportunities!

Thank you, my God, as much as you start! Gratitude for the opportunity to start over and to do everything different from now on.

February, I’m waiting for you with open arms. So, whim! May the will of God be done and may happiness prevail.

Welcome, February! Come with good winds and bring us a lot of health, peace and love as we really deserve. May it be a month beyond special!

Happy to win the first month of the year? So, February is very welcome! And that is much better than January …

February, welcome! I start thanking you, because I will make you a more than special, but unforgettable month in all your situations.

That gratitude is the main ingredient of this month. You can come, February! Know that we are ready for all your amazing experiences.

February has arrived, not just a month, but a milestone in the story that we will feel renewed joys and hopes to remind us!

Thank you for everything, January. Welcome February! Each end is also a fresh start, there were numerous victories that happened and so many others to come.

I am with open arms and hopeful heart for the wonderful month’s blessings and folks. Be more than welcome, February!

Welcome, February! May it bring light, peace and, above all, happiness. I am not sure what ahead, but faith makes me believe that better days will come.

Winds blow for a time of change. Welcome February! That we sow prayer and reap the best answers.

What January promised, February will surely fulfill the greatest satisfactions! Welcome, wonderful month.

Welcome, February! May all your days be light and quiet, because we deserve it and the world needs.

When I think in February, the heart is already fantasized with joy and the smile spreads like glitter. May nothing prevent us from being happy! Welcome, beautiful month.

If the year starts only after carnival, know that I am ready for this beginning. Come with everything, February! May the good winds blow in our favor.

February is my month, let him bring reasons to thank and none to regret! May it be perfect in every way.

Nothing better than preparing for the arrival of a cycle where anything can happen. May these welcome quotes, February, fill their days with the best expectations!

February is a month of a lot of personality, marked by the heat station and also by that atmosphere of restart and return of many activities. Not forgetting one of the biggest parties that rescues the pride of being Brazilian: Carnival!

So, how about preparing for this all special moment? Check out quotes for carnival plates that will be featured in your block and will open wings for the best photos of the party!

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